Music while writing?

Does anyone know whether or not listening to music can help or hinder the writing process? I don’t mean music with words, but classical stuff like Lux Aeterna(Clint Mansell) and An End Once and for All(In Mass Effect 3 also by Mansell I think).

It certainly helps me. I generally try to go for something thematically similar to whatever I’m working on. I listened to “Over the Hills and Far Away” and “The British Grenadiers” when writing “Sabres of Infinity”, and now I’m listening to “Here Comes Char!” and “Men of Destiny” whilst writing “Mecha Ace”.

Alright, thanks, but what kind of music goes well with Rome?? O.o Ancient Rome. Like the time of the Punic Wars if you know any tracks that might fit.

EDIT: My first reaction to realizing that first one is a Led Zeppelin song- “This guys awesome :D!!!”

Have you taken a look at the soundtrack to the HBO series “Rome”? That might be what you’re looking for. Ditto with Rome: Total War and its sequel.

Wow I never realized until now how good the Rome 2 soundtrack is and I have over 100 hours put into it XP

All of my story ideas are based on music and i even have music for other games
But i always listen to music while writing because it also makes the writing even more fun

I suggest visiting Radio Rivendell if you’re looking for fantasy music.

I listen to any type of music when I write

Yeah, I’ll also pop in to admit I listen to music while writing, usually my favorite videogame music or remixes of said videogame music. Like @Kirrim, I lose focus if I have lyrics blaring in my ears.

By the way, can I thank @ksauvetarre for bringing Radio Rivendell to my attention? What a wonderful site.

I actually find listening to music that’s in a language I don’t know to have an interesting effect, If I were writing a game based in Japan for example, I would find that listening to sad Japanese Jazz would help immensely.

“The White Tree” by Howard Shore. It’s part of the LotR:RotK soundtrack, and it is absolutely amazing.

I love writing with songs suiting the mood in the background; particularly music from games.

@Saint_Nicholas I concur.

Depends what part of said writing I’m on. Say I’m on some sort of battle scene, a fast paced and heavy song sets the scene.
For romances, a slower, more lighter music gets me in the mood.

Same here with @LordCypher. I like to listen to the song ‘Battle on the Bridge’ from Final Fantasy, it’s really fitting for a battle scene of any sort. And then any other song which just fits the mood of the scene.

Or, well, I can just put in a random song and then the mood of that song will dictate the mood of my scenes, which definitely has interesting effects :b

In the same vein, pretty much every Final Fantasy soundtrack has something great to offer. Nobuo Uematsu is a fantastic composer. I suggest V for general fantasy, VII if you want something serious, and IX if you’re feeling whimsical.

Listen to the shire song from lord of the rings it will fit a lot of scenes This song= so much WIN!

Edit: Wow thats cool, it actually shows the thumbnail :smiley:

Edit again: This song just gets better the more I listen to it. I had to look up a word just to describe it and that word is euphoric XP

Mostly when im writing i just listen to monstercat, hardwell that kind of stuff i also love maroon 5 and one republic

I listen to Audioslave, Dire Straights, The Eagles, and many other bands in the form of classic rock… Always