Moving the game forward after X number of choices

How would I program the game so that there is a list of choices that you can make and keep looping back to until a finite amount of choices are made and the game automatically advances?

It’s easy for instance, you have 6 choices, but you want pc only could make 3

*temp timer 0
*label 1
*if timer =3
    *goto 2
*if timer >3
            *set timer +1
            *goto 1
            *set timer +1
            *goto 1
            *set timer +1
            *goto 1
            *set timer +1
            *goto 1
            *set timer +1
            *goto 1
            *set timer +1
           *goto 1
*label 2

If you want player couldnt repite same choice use hide reuse command instead normal choice

Alright I did that but every time I get to that scene I get the error (I’m using the word ‘count’ instead of timer) "non-existent variable ‘count’ even thought I did put *temp count 0 before any of the *if commands.

Create timer var at the startup.txt instead of creating a temp var

Well, I’d prefer not to have to make a permanent variable, is there a way to do it with a temporary variable.

You have to create the temp variable at the start of the scene exactly same as it was in the startup scene, if you want use variable in startup scene temporal variables have to be below all the create variables like this
*create x true
*create strength 0
*temp count 0

*temp goes at the top of whatever page you’re using it in. For ease, just under the variables you created, as long as it’s before the beginning of the game. *temps can be created in any file, not just startup.


*temp count "0"

An example that I have, and may be a bit cluttered, is

*label Job
  *hide_reuse #I am really lazy.
  	Lazy doesn't necessarily mean recluse. Sure, you can go out and meet people if you want, but maybe you could find a way to make people come to you.
	And your new couch sure is comfy...
	*set Lazy true
	*set traits + 1
	*if traits = 3
		*goto Job
		*goto choose

and so on, and so forth.

Okay that worked, thank you all for all your help I really appreciate it!