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Is it possible to put several choices in one, like Alter Ego? I know a few games that have done it, but when I do it, I get an error, “cannot fall out of a choice, must put *goto, *goto_scene, *page_break or *finish”


Like Reaperoa has done here?


Exactly, but is it possible to put more than 2 choices in a single page? And how is it done?



You can only do duel choices like reaperoa has done. You can’t have two seperate choices on one page.


Okay, thanks.


Ninja’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s an example of how to do it:

*choice choicename1 choicename2
#choice1 option1
----#choice2 option1
------You selected the first option of both the first choice and the second choice.
----#choice2 option2
------You selected the first option, then the second option.
#choice1 option2
----#choice2 option1
------You selected the second option, then the first option.
----#choice2 option2
------You selected the second option of both the first choice and the second choice.

You can stack as many choices as you want on the same page. Also, make certain that your second (and deeper) choice options are all named the same. The extra names on the *choice line are not optional either. It will say “Select a(n) [choicename]” with a(n) decided on by the first letter of the ‘choicename’. ‘choicename’ can also be one word, and no kind of {variable} or anything else I could figure out seemed to effect it.

I hope that’s clear and helpful. If not you can take a look at how I actually coded it here (Starts on line 12):

The Beastie Watch (WiP) - Updated 25 September

That’ll get painfully untidy/complicated very quickly, without adding much value.
I’d personally not surpass two, maybe three maximum.

Handy to know though, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Yea, for the most part, not worth it. Using more than two also makes the page extend far down, which is a bit ugly and unwieldy.