Two choices on one page, with one being a type in entry?

I’m just trying to see if I can make a section of text less clunky, is it possible to have a choice, then a text entry on the one page? (IE Select a gender and then enter your name on the same page?)

No. A choice always requires a click of a button which sends you to a new page . I assume you could do the double choice for gender name and have an input_text/chose name as one option?

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Although it seems clunky at first sight, I actually quite like the way it works. It gives you an easy way to do things like "And what gender should $!{name} be? Then you can can have menu choices for the genders and, since you’ve just printed the name your player chose, they can see if they got it right! You can give them an option at that point to re-enter the name if desired.

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Well, CScript will have to change the way it works, as for now, it seems that CS can only accept a player-input once at a time.

Doesn’t mean I hate the idea, though :wink:
I mean…
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Cools, thanks guys. Will have to make it a two step choice then it looks like :slight_smile: