Monster (Choice-Script Master Needed)

'In the 27th Anni of Fire, the City State Alliance of Aegos fell to the might of the Legions of the Tiber Empire. The City of Kratia, a theocracy ruled by the magisters of the Council of Ten, suffered the brunt of the carnage. The city burned, its citizens either massacred or enslaved, and its earth was salted- so no life will bear fruit here again.

You, a once-promising magi, a prodigy of Magik, together with your beloved, managed to survive the devastation of the city by fleeing to the mountains along with other survivors. A roving unit of Legions though got a hold of your location, resulting in the capture of the survivors and killing off those who resisted.

After a valiant but hopeless struggle, you fell down to a sword of a Legionario. Your very last vision was your beloved, being dragged on by captors, as they cackle like mad.

‘Bhaal… why… forsake us?’

But through a cruel twist of Fayth, you lie awaken. In a dark and damp cave, you open your eyes and brought your hand to your face.

‘I am… alive?’

As your hands roam your face, you realise that something is amidst. It seems to be not of your own. It is not even of a man, but of something else…

A monster…’

This game would put you in the shoes of a monster/creature of your choosing, in order to save your beloved and enact revenge against the Tiber Empire.

The choices are:

  1. Kobold (Fighter-type)-

    Primary Skill: Hound Sense - Gives you a heightened sense of awareness of your surroundings and also allows you to see things that are invisible through the naked eye.

  2. Goblin (Thief/Assassin-type)

    Primary Skill: Light Step- Allows you to sneak past enemies with ease.

  3. Incubus (Mage-type)

    Primary Skill: Basic Dark Magik- Allows you to cast low-level Dark Magik (e.g. Envenom, Hypnosis)

Throught the game, you’ll also be able to earn experience, level up your monster and gain new skills. You’ll even be able to create an army of other monsters that you can field against the Legion.

So what do you guys think?

This is my first time posting here in the forums, but I have been a long-time lurker. This is my also my first attempt at trying to make a COG game. Sad to say though, I’m not tech-savvy and don’t know a thing about Choicescript. So if any of you guys like my idea and want to help me, I’m all ears.


Have you tried looking at the choicescript tutorial and wiki? It’s very helpfull.

There’s probably somebody here that can give you the links as I’m on my phone right now.


It sounds like a cool idea, I’d like to play it, I’d offer some help but I’m just as clueless, I’m a player, not a creator I’m afraid.
Good luck with finding someone to help though

It’s an intriguing concept and the sort of think I’d enjoy, so I hope you don’t get squashed for posting something verging on “looking for a coder!” (which is against the forum rules).

FWIW, many ChoiceScript authors are not programmers either but all it really takes is a little common sense, experimentation and a fair dollop of perseverance - and, perhaps above all, a willingness to learn something new. You can do this yourself, if you put your mind to it!

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No one starts off knowing choicescript. It’s designed specifically so that people that don’t have a background in coding can use it.

Start here.
Then use the wiki


Will we be able to evolve or class up into stronger monsters? My reasoning for this is a manga that this seems very simmilar to. Its called re:monster. If you have some spare time and dont mind, give it a quick skim. The main charachter starts as a goblin but eventually ranks up to hobgoblin. His latest form is that of an ogre. So far it seems very interesting. Im looking forward to seeing where this could go.

Not really thought about evolution. I just thought of learning new skills and get new equipment. But really, there’s already a manga like that? I’ll go and check it out.

Yeah check it out cause it probably had a lot of stuff you can use for this. It’s on, up to chapter 13 I think.

The breakthrough for me was using the choice script ide that is linked in the game development forum. It accomplishes the tricky setup and lets you just start writing.

The manga is okay. But too Mary Stuish for my taste. The MC is too overpowered to my liking. I hate overpowered characters.

Though the evolution system intrigued me. I might add something like that, except a bit different.

I was thinking of maybe gaining horns, fangs, scales, etc.

Also, the player slowly remembering his human skills.

Yeah i agree that the guy is way overpowered, i meant like the hunting, getting an ally from your generation(if your doing that sort of thing), the crafting of armor and weapons from prey, or the taming of other non-sentient monsters(this is in the web novel, not the manga, yet.). Im just thinking that there are a few things that can be taken from it. Also, question. If we do grow horns, fangs, scales, etc. will they actually be useful or just for aesthetics? Such as scales giving you natural armor, horns giving a boost to attack, or certain types of fangs and tails having poison and such.

Every thing would be useful. For example, scales would give an increase in defense.

But definitely, I’m not going for the Goblin ----> Hobgoblin kind of evolution like in that manga. Also, the player would have limitations depending on their chosen creature and the way they progress.

For example, a Kobold or Goblin wouldn’t be able to cast magic like an Incubus would given the stats. Though they would be able to, if the player develops them that way.

I’m thinking of changing the name of the game from ‘Monster’ to ‘Creature’ instead. What do you think?

Either is good, but, and this is just me, you could look into other languages and see what their words for monster, creature, beast, etc. are and then choose your favorite. I know bakemono means monster in japanese, akuma means demon, and oni means ogre. I know a few others for diferrent languages, but for the life of me i can’t remember them right now. But whatever you choose to do, its really up to you.

Yeah, I’m into that already. But I’m going for my own rendition of the Ancient Europe/Mediterranean nations with fantasy monsters thrown in. So there won’t be any Asian languages.

Still thanks for showing me that manga and your suggestions. I’m actually reading Choicescript guides and trying to make a sample now.

Hey no problem man, those were just the ones that jumped to the front of my mind. Seriously though, this seems like it will turn into an awesome game, or games, so im happy to help get it up and running. Can’t wait to play a demo. Good luck, and stay awesome.

I beleave you could have a great game and am looking forword to it

Looking for a ChoiceScript Master to script Character Customization & Leveling, Inventory, Battle, Shop, Crafting, NPC AI, Codex Systems?

Do you have the Lore and Narrative Branches completed or near complete?

I have the lore, the story concepts but not the game concepts (e.g. items, npcs, etc.).

Hmm, a first step could be to categorize and organize Lore into the Game Codex. Create sections for areas, creatures, traits, skills, weapons, spells, items, main npcs, etc. Then use the codex as the centralized database for in-game elements.

this sounds like a great idea for a game and I hope you manage to work out how to code your game. I gave up on a game I was working on due to not understanding how to code my game even though I read a lot of forums offering help. I really hope it works out for you though because this sounds like a great concept!