Missing something re: getting game into browser for testing

Complete ChoiceScript (or any script) newbie, and 99.999% ignorant about all things related to computers.

I’ve looked through the Wiki and the help topics here, and while I see a helpful step-by-step for publishing a game via Dropbox, I’m not interested in paying Dropbox $10 a month and I don’t see any similarly newbie-friendly instructions for webs.com or any options at all besides those two.

For now I don’t need for anyone else to be able to see my game; I just need to be able to play through it myself and see if it works as I write it. What is the absolute easiest way to do this?

In your mygame folder there is an html document called index. Clicking it will bring up your game in a browser window where you can test it. It only works reliably in firefox atm I think…


And when you are ready to publish for more people, re-read the wikia page, you missed a bit:

If you are a new ChoiceScript author and are either unable or
unwilling to pay for the Dropbox service detailed below, there are only
two viable options at present (although we will update the Wiki
accordingly if or when other alternatives become available).
One way is to use a free web host such as webs.com, and the other is to obtain a special update of the compile.html file (which comes with your ChoiceScript download) to produce a version of your game able to be uploaded to an ordinary Dropbox folder (and so be used for public playtesting without having to pay for a Public Folder). You can read more about the compile.html option in the CoG forum topic on the subject.

To play the game you click on the index.html file in web>mygame folder. You put all of your game txt files in the scenes folder there.

(Okay just repeating Pyromanci). It works in both Firefox and in Internet Explorer. It won’t work in Chrome though.

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Thanks, but I have no idea what the bolded text means. blush I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it though. Perhaps by the time I need to publish for other people I’ll be slightly less ignorant.

Okay, so to clarify. What I have are a large number of .txt files, scenes written in ChoiceScript, that are not part of any folder structure. Each one is just an isolated .txt file that I found more or less by accident.

I have the ChoiceScript download, but none of that is anything I actually wrote, obviously.

What I’m trying to do is reassemble these .txt files that I wrote into a working game so I can see if all this code I wrote 3 years ago actually works.

How would I do that?

You put all of the txt scenes files into the scenes folder. If you’re using a new version of choicescript you’ll need to edit the startup file since we’ve changed how things are done. There should be instructions on the website or on the wiki.

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Fantastic! Thanks. I wasn’t even sure exactly what I needed to look for (which makes wikis less useful) and this helps a lot!