Missing "Export to HTML"

I’m thrilled that I can use checkpoints without much hassle, but I have two concerns.

  1. When I run the game via the server, I don’t see the “Export to HTML” option.
  2. The image display problem still persists even after upgrading CS versions, and when I try to display them, the game fails the Quicktest. Surprisingly, though, the images display as normal when running the game from the server.

Check to see if you have an “IFID” for Export to HTML

I wasn’t able to reproduce either of those problems.

First, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of ChoiceScript from Github. https://github.com/dfabulich/choicescript/archive/refs/heads/main.zip

  • I created an image called test.png
  • I put the image in the web/mygame folder in my ChoiceScript download (NOT the scenes folder)
  • I edited startup.txt and added a line *image test.png after all the *create commands.
  • I ran the server, which opened a browser window, and my image appeared in the game.
  • I could see the “Export to HTML” link there, as well as the “Quicktest” link. I clicked the “Quicktest” link to run Quicktest, which passed.

Is that not working for you? If not…

  1. Can you include a screenshot of the missing Export to HTML option?
  2. Can you provide steps to reproduce the image display problem?
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OK, I’ve done the steps you took, and the problem still persists. I don’t see the “Export to HTML” option, and thus I’m forced to use the compile.html file to make up for it. As for the images, the HTML file I generated using compile.html misses the images, unless the images are placed in the same folder as the HTML file. And to help you track down the problem, I’ve included three screenshots, with the third one being the contents of my game.

See where it says that your index file (which is really named index.html under the hood) was last modified in September? It looks like you’re not using the latest version of ChoiceScript. The latest version of ChoiceScript modified the index.html file in November.

Upgrading ChoiceScript is annoying when you have images, because you have to copy over your scenes folder, but also preserve any images that you have in your mygame folder, but not copy over the old versions of the index.html file or the mygame.js file.

But I believe if you do all that, you’ll at least get the Export, Quicktest, and Randomtest links to show up.

Yes, that is a separate, known bug in the exporter/compiler. I hope to get around to fixing that soon…


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