Mini Choice Games Under a Collected Theme?

Something I was considering yesterday - rather than one choice games, a set of smaller games which come under a certain theme but which each figured different protagonists and could be played in any order? Maybe there could be some tie to all of them like 400 Days managed which creates a single selections of endings overall.

Seems interesting.

I figured it would be, the issue would be how to code things of course and how to handle achievements, but it could be quite fun and allow for a greater range of variety. The idea I had in mind was where the player gets to be a different sort of monster or villain in five different situations - a hungry alien on a spaceship, a rampaging dinosaur, a werewolf… basically getting to play different genres from the monster’s pov.

Seems like a very big project, I’m assuming it would have to be a group effort then. And the whole thing would need to be collaborated on/monitored centrally to maintain a similar style in all games.

It wouldn’t have to be a group project, although it allows for it to be one quite nicely. But if one was able to create each game with about 20 to 25,000 words to form a single 100 to 120,000 set? That’s collectively about the size of a large game like Tin Star or Mecha Ace, right?

Tin Star is 1.2 million words. Don’t know about Mecha Ace.

To write it would be fairly easy though. The first scene file “startup” would be the hub, with a choice table letting you decide which you want to play, and each choice would have a *goto_scene command that directs you to a another file scene containing the mini game, and at the end of each game a *goto_scene command would direct you back to a *label in startup after the *create commands at the beginning of the file.