Methods of Setting up the save games function in Choice script

I’m having trouble with…

The error I’m getting is:…

My code looks like this:

```so, I am getting to a point in both of my books with there is going to be a decent amount of branching, and as such, as well as due to the prompting of a couple of people, thank you for that by the way, I am starting to look into figuring out how to set up a save/load function in my games.
I did a bit of looking on the forum, and found some thing about a plug-in? I’m not really sure what that’s all about. The last time I dabbled in saving, there was a command that you input in the start up, although I forget what command that was, although I do remember that at the time said command tended to break the ability of your web browser to post the book, kept throwing up an error when you input it said command so you then had to remove the command to run the game. Would anyone kindly be able to give me a bit of a refresher on all of that? Please and thank you. Anyway, I hope that whoever reads this has a good rest of their day/weekend.

*sm_init name | 8
Replace name with the name of your game or something, and the number is the number of slots.



Do you need to put that at the top of the startup file, or somewhere within that file, or can you put it in another file? Also, how exactly do you do the | thing? I just copied and pasted it for now, but should probably figure out how to actually re-create it.

I used it at the end of the startup file and it worked just fine.
The | is " shift + \ " on my keyboard, but it depends on how you have configured yours. Otherwise look for pipe, vertical bar, vertical slash, on ascii, it should be " alt + 124 " can’t confirm cause I don’t have numpad.

Strange, still throwing up a flag about not having a commanded called *sm_innit.
Am I doing something wrong, or is there another issue going on?


Make sure you check that option on Dashingdon. And that’s about it, you should have the save system running on your hosted game, keep in mind that you need to comment out that command if you’re trying to play it locally or use quickest or randomtest.

If your command is the same in your code than in your message, it has a typo. There’s an extra n.

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That was my mistake on the message, I have the
*sm_init A warmth in the cold, volume 1|5 set up at the end of my startup file.
I assume the options you mention is to check, when I upload my files, that the save function works correctly on Dashingdon?

Annoying that you can’t just test the save function when you run it locally, but A, could be worse I guess.

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