May 2023's Writer's Support Thread

Sure lol


They do? Because over at the Wayhaven and Fernweh threads, most people appear to play with male ROs, and Ilya very rarely came up in the A Mage Reborn thread, in favour of Leon, even though he literally SETS YOU ON FIRE. The only thread I remember where a female RO gets more prominence is in A Tale of Heroes’s, for Ignis, which lol (for… reasons).


Yeah it depends a lot on the demographic proportions of the audience that different games are most popular with. I would adore to see some data on it, though I have no idea how anyone would research it properly.

I’ve seen people both saying that male love interests and female love interests are overrepresented in terms of numbers present in games and fan interest.


Generally in male-dominated parts female LIs are more popular, and it’s the opposite for female-dominated parts. In Infinity Sea, for example, Katarina and Betrothed are the most prominent romantic options, in Samurai of Hyuga female versions of characters show more often than male oned, in Wayhaven the proportion skews towards all-male Unit Bravo.

I feel in general romance, due to its usual audience and certain stigma about it, tends to attract female players more. So it’s usual that romance IFs get a lot of female players, and in non-romance games, especially ones locked to male-only, the amount of male players will be higher. But it’s all based on my fairly limited observation.


Don’t talk about the X club? That sounds… counter-productive, in this case.

Not recently, but I got similar ones a while ago.

Sidenote, I read “thanks for the reptiles” and was very confused for a moment.

Has it gone from less audience to no audience? Huh, that’s really sad. I’m pretty sure romances would ruin some stories.

This means more NB love interests, clearly.


It’s part of the stereotyping, I suppose. Romance is supposed to be for everyone, though.

Not all stories have to have romance. Trying to force fit will only mess up the story.

Edit: Why not more nonbinary ROs? I guess some ROs being nonbinary is both more realistic and more inclusive- hey, even in my WIP, some Maverick Hunters like Valentine are nonbinary. In fact, Hannah actually popularised this in Honor Bound.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear enough.


I’m sorry, I seem to be unable to understand what kind of “why not” this is.

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I mainly threw in romances in my project because I thought they’d be fun to write, but friendship route will probably be the one I’ll start doing first. In case of one of the characters, I’ll just replace it with interest route which can or can’t progress into romance.

Well, there is also the fact discussions often center on romance, so if I want any feedback and discussion, I ought to throw in some. It’s a mix of both: I’d be interested in trying to write romance and it’d be beneficial for me to throw this in for wider reach.


My point was exactly that, based on the given data, there should be more NB love interests. Didn’t it come out that way?

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It will certainly make mine worse, I could sugarcoat it but That is not my style. When a writer hates something and fills compelled to include it, The story suffers. It will have something that will fill shallow and like copy-paste probably.

I am trying to adopt a commercial pragmatic view of the fact now that I am deep in the planning.

sniff I would love that there were a place and audience for games without romance. But this is like this is or I have info about romances in the game highlights or I won’t even have testers, alone buyers.


I’m sure there is audience (I don’t need romance, personally) but it definitely is smaller.


For now, my plans are going well. It is not exactly the game I had in mind but is close to it.

The funny thing is far closer to my first iteration of this game than half a decade ago. A game that ended in alpha with more than 100k Starting the project that depressed me again is a challenge but my therapist says I have to close the wound the big failure of this game caused me.


I know it’s not original, but… a golden lion’s head on red background.
My readers group think is too much Gryffindor.
Could be considered plagiarism or not?

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If its too similar be sure to use a different Töne of red, and maybe Turn the lions head in whichever direction gryffindor is not :smiley:

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It wouldn’t be plagiarism as you can find a lot of standards, flags and coat of arms that have lions or lion heads on them. Richard the Lionheart for example had a standard that was golden lions on a red background. Lions actually get used a lot for medieval imagery because they represent courage and nobility.

That being said, if you’re actually copying the exact description of the lion on gold from the Gryffindor standard, then you’re going to get into some trouble.

Honestly, golden lion makes me think more of Lannister than Gryffindor but that’s just me.

*edit because I’m half asleep and typoed Lannister as Lancaster…


I’m trusting you with this… My mother draw it, so I’m very attached to

Leonis family emblem

EDIT @WRMK Yes, I thought the Lannister too, especially since their main “rival” is a black wolf on white background. I swear despite the similarities I’ve never watched a single episode of Game of Throne, and I’ve never read the books


Looks more Like lionking than gryffindor, but that might just be my thinking, but its pretty.


…please excuse me nerding out here…

There’s no tone in heraldry, red is red.

…how do you describe a golden lion’s head on red background in a way that isn’t “a golden lion’s head on a red background”?

Well, Gules, a lion’s head cabossed Or, I guess. I’m not that comfortable with the English terminology.


You would be surprised if you knew how many “reds” you can encounter in heraldry and how picky they are with subtle differences

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Not in the official grammar, there isn’t. Of course, you also aren’t allowed to have letters in a coat of arms, and still there are those.