Maximum Scene Size?

How big is too big? I imagine that the size of a scene will slow down some devices. Is this a real problem? How big can I make a scene file before problems arise?

My largest scene is 603kb and over 10k lines. It plays fine on both iphone and PC. While it sounds a lot, it is still tiny compared to what other games would need.


Interestingly, there was a problem in the stats screen of Thief-Taker where the author was doing some manual operations to calculate shillings and pounds (from pence), instead of using modulo. On a mobile phone, that meant that checking your stats could be a three second delay while the processor calculated things.

Someone reported the delay and we fixed it using the modulo command, but files with calculations can potentially hang up a mobile processor.


My longest is 1.45 MB and 27224 lines - takes a second to load but nothing too bad (I think).