MattR Illustration- Freelance Illustrator

MattR Illustration

My name is Matthew Ryan and I am an Illustrator that lives to create exciting characters and worlds for others to enjoy.

I love to work alongside people who are passionate about their projects, giving me a huge boost and inspiring me to create exciting, dynamic artwork that compliments their vision. I put a strong emphasis on research before I start any work, allowing me to better explore the brief as well as developing a more diverse selection of designs

Past work has included comic book pages, card design, board games, book illustrations, environments, and concept art. These have been throughout various genres such as science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, military, western and many more. Notable projects include artwork for a successfully funded kickstarter project, as well as having illustrations in several published books.

For any job opportunities or if you have any further questions to ask, you can email me at
My website along with a bit more information about my skills and past commissions can be found at


Really cool artwork. I like the organic vibe it has, and the compositions were very good as well.


You’re quite talented. Any ballpark numbers for your rates?

This is a really new style in my vision, congratulations, Great work! :slight_smile:

New Year Update

Hey, Matt. Just my two cents, but have you ever considered having a mobile version of your website? It would present your artwork better and in a more comfortable way for many mobile users. I ask because many people on the site browse mainly on their phones. The more comfortable they are, the longer they will peruse at your work.

Also, I think I saw some links in blue against the black background? It makes it hard to see. Instead of changing the color of the link you could illustrate a text banner and use it as a link. It would be more visible and work together with your art.

Anyway. I like how you update us on new added artwork. I like looking at your work.

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