Master of One

Hello! I am currently writing my very first interactive fiction story, and it’s called “Master of One”! My plan for the story as a whole is to see how well people like the idea of it and if people like it enough to make it into a series!

The demo currently is just the prologue (so setting up the story, introduction to some characters, etc.) is about 3.6k words without code.

Platonic options will be made available, each RO can be romanced or you may go down a friendship path with them as well as other chars who you can have a friendship with.


Legend has it that 12 Gods came together to create the world. Some of the Gods created things called Shadows, to torment humankind. The rest of the Gods came together and threw a lock of their hair down to earth, telling the humans to braid it into their hair, lending their powers to the humans.

You were part of the intelligence division in The Company, but once you started to show signs of magic you were sent to the field where you go on different missions, taking down Shadows and rogue Demis.

  • Fully customize your character with gender/pronouns, sexuality, hair & skin color, and personality
  • Choose one of the 8 gods and how your powers manifest
  • 9 available romance options as well as a secret romance and partial romance
  • Go on different missions, decide how you wish to deal with the shadows and rogue Demis
  • Flynn, The Kind-hearted Leader; m 28
  • Robynn, The Shapeshifter, NB 23
  • Harper, Intelligence Agent; F 25
  • Luke, The Childhood Friend;, M 29
  • Camilla, Friendly Bartender; F 23
  • Nolan, Quiet Bartender; M 27
  • Quinn, The Tough Leader; F 26
  • M (Myles/Mia) The Loner; M/F 25
  • Iris, The Brains; F 26
    more info of the ROs
MO1 Art

good & neutral gods
the evil gods

Content Warning

Content warning for the game is that it may be classified as “horror” as there will be violence, gore, childhood trauma as well as feature some explicit sex scenes. The sex scenes you may opt in to read or not (or skip altogether). The content warning page will be updated as the story progresses.

  • If you are experiencing errors, please take a screenshot as that will help me get to the bug/typo quicker!
  • You’re more than welcome to share your stats with me! I’m still learning CSIDE & how to code so I want to make sure everything gets balanced
  • This game will go through multiple edits so there may be change to names, characters, places, etc. that may or may not stay in!

Here is where I will keep track of the updates, I will try to upload a new chapter per update.

Demo Word count: 3.6k words


Got through the wip and have to say,it’s quite intriguing…Keep up the good work


Will there be more artworks of the good and evil gods

This story look rather interesting and also do you play as a god

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there will be at some point! i wanted at least a general look for each god haha i’ll eventually get around to doing full art pieces for everyone! <3

thank you so much! & not in this storyline/book series, unfortunately not BUT if this series does well, i had thoughts of a possible storyline where you can!


Just capitalize the first letters

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:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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ahh thank you so much! <3

Very interesting and surprising. I look forward to more :slight_smile:

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Like the concept so far. Can’t wait to see what kind of powers we will have going through the rest of the story.


It’s a personal policy of mine to not start an early WIP because I’ll end up wanting more. I’m pretty impatients. Still, this definitely gets bookmarked


Sounds interesting

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Interested so I’ll keep an eye on it. Has promise, so keep up the good work :grin:


I really like it and I’m excited for the next chapter


Just wanted to let people know I’m still working on this! I’ll make more of an official post but I’ve been working on setting up the patreon for most of last month and just got back into writing the next chapter! :heart:


Is it just me who keeps dying😅?

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That how the demo ends


what kemar_simms said, that’s just how the demo ends (for now!) i’m working on chapter 1, i’m about halfway thru with it & will need to make some edits before i post it! <3


@MiniMint like what ya have so far lol so look forward to seeing more