Master List of COG Discord Servers

I only know of four, but I think there might be more.(I want to put together a list for those who want to join a Discord, but can’t find the invite link.

Here’s the four I know of:

CoG Fan Discord Server:
(Unaffiliated with CoG)

Choice of Rebels:

Fallen Hero:

Infinity Series Fanserver:

Zombie Exodus:

Shepherds of Haven:

And the CoG Discord, which for some reason I can’t create an instant invite link to. Please post an invite link to your CoG Discord into the comments, and I’ll add it to the list.


We have a general one here:

There’s another general one, too, but I can’t get the link atm (can’t check if the one on the thread is working)


@Leem @Fawkes @rosemary_and_sage if you’d like to share the link to the fan-based COG general discord here!

There’s also the Shepherds of Haven discord here:


@rinari Thanks so much for letting us know!

This is the link to our server! We’re a general fan server, for writers to talk about their WiPs and get CS help and for fans to talk and meet people with similar interests. :heart:


Yeah the Infiniverse discord is for mostly discussing Infiniverse related themes and the like- but we also have discussions about whatever you want at the time. So feel free to jump in with whatever you want.

Infiniverse discord is my favorite.

I made a discord for The War for the West-related discussions:


So can you please update the infinityverse discord.
It’s not working.

Hey everyone I created a new fan made cog/hg server for if you guys want to chill and talk about any wip/cog or hg game

Disclaimer this server is not affiliated with co/hg in any shape way of form this is a unofficial server anything in the server is is made by fans of the games/wips and is not a cog official server