Marked romantic/flirting choices

RIP your eyes lol, mb I do think lots of people use those symbols instead of these emojis.
In my opinion I think those are just more pleasing yk what I mean?


I kinda like the black heart :thinking: it fits, it’s pretty. But maybe [Romantic] is better, at least it works on screen-reader.


I don’t care if they are emojis or symbols or even parenthetical, i just love and need them. Like some have mentioned above, not all RO paths follow the expected formula, and i definitely want to know because I often prefer these ROs, but with no save or back button they can be frustrating. Tone is not always obvious, and sometimes I love when you can make the same choice either platonically or romantically (as evidenced by one with a heart, one without). Sometimes you’d hug and comfort a friend the same way you would a romantic partner, idk I just like it.


So off the basis of the responses to the thread, I’ve set up an option to enable/disable romantic indicators, and when enabled am marking choices with either [Flirt] or [Flirt, passive], which I’ve described in the options as:

Indicators will display as ‘passive’ if the choice involves the player character thinking about feelings of attraction without acting on them. In some instances, the PC may not realise attraction is what they’re feeling!

I’m going to see how that feels from here; I’m still trying to work out exactly where all the romance content will lie and how that’ll look from a code standpoint.