Making ROs like you based on your stats?

Unless the MC has explicitly done something to offend the RO (intentionally or otherwise), I don’t think barring a romance would make sense. Personally, I do believe that some stats or features attributed to the MC might make them more appealing to an RO and therefore make it easier to romance them. It should function more as a bonus modifier though. :thinking:

For example, let’s say there’s a character named Alex. Alex likes MCs that are impulsive. Additionally, the MC did an optional side quest for Alex. At some point, something like the following code would be in place:

*if impulsive > #
  *set alex_bonus +5
*if alex_sq
  *set alex_bonus +10

Then, ultimately, when you run the check to see if the RO is interested, the check would be something like: *if (alex_relationship + alex_bonus) >= #.

I figure it’s the kind of addition that might add a little bit of flavoring for some characters without making attaining the romance more difficult/unattainable for others.


Well said. that is what I am trying to say. Another thing is character being clear in what he she them prefers. I mean if character is gay lesbian poli ace … I want to know it organically but clearly. Because is how life works. If I flirt with someone that is gay They clearly say Sorry Not interested. Because if not we could end with players frustrated as hell due Npc is flirting back half of time and suddenly say NOPE FRIEND ZONE. I am looking at you Mass effect 2 Tali…

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Hmm. I’m in favour of making RO’s (as well as other characters in general) more reactive to your skills and stats. For example, commenting and expressing opinions about the MC’s skills or personality, and maybe flirting based on them.

But I’m not so sure I would favor locking or gating RO’s based on it. First of all, some RO options may already be gated for things like gender, preferences, etc. So unless you are looking to add many RO options, it seems unnecessarily complicated. If what you are really going for is simply adding more roleplaying flavor and realism, a lot of that is happening in the dialogue. Tailoring some dialogues and scenes to show characters are aware of the MC’s choices and personality, etc.

The potential problem I can see with gating, is RO’s ending up too similar to the MC, and not leaving a whole lot of room for different play styles. I’m also a fan of “opposites attract” romances–the drama and rivalry can be just as fun! I would say it’s possible to have RO’s react and comment on your stats, without necessarily locking them out or requiring certain percentages.