Making Choicescript for Fun

Simple question: Do you ever just make games for fun? No intention of publishing it but probably giving it to your friends to play and just have fun with?

Personally, I just started doing it - it’s actually been a great way to try out new things and practice coding and what not. Plus my sisters and a few friends love playing them and so if I ever need a break from a current WiP, I work on some silly cool story to get the creative muscles going again.


Gotcha. You’ve spilled the beans, and I demand to see your work. You’re no longer Making Choicescript for Fun :smiling_imp:

But to be honest, my current WIP is actually just for fun. Tinkering with the worldbuilding, the interaction between the characters, creating game mechanics can be really fun. Maybe it’s also the reason why the update is rather slow. :sweat_smile:

But hey, there’s no deadline on working it! I can work on it as I like and want to!


I do ‘one page stories’ for fun, in which I just write the first page (or few pages) of a story. I do that in Choicescript too. That’s actually how my WiP Model Citizens: Unmasked started out!

Those stories themselves never really make it past those first pages, Model Citizens is the exception, and even then I rewrote the entire thing and changed most of the plot. But, yeah, I do write a lot of ‘one page stories’ to chill and/or get back into the flow of things. Though I don’t usually share them with anybody.


I might do that at some point, but pretty much everyone I know in real life doesn’t even know this website exists. So… Um… There’s that.


@Szaal I can definitely agree there about the updates lol. I get so tied up in some of my ‘just for funs’ cos they’re so loose that I forget I should be actually writing something.

@RenaB Hmm, the way you do it could be a great way to drum up other story ideas as well. That’s kinda cool. So do you add choices or stats or anything or how do you exactly do your first few pages?

@ExcaliburV If you have any gamer type friends or friends who just like reading, you could just send them the links to your games. None of my friends knew about choose your own adventure before I introduced it, and some of them don’t ever touch this style of game unless I send it to them.


Game"s"? As in, plural? Haha, that’s funny. All I have is the first chapter of a half-baked idea.

But, not being a snarky prick for five minutes, I’ve pointed a few people to the site. (You’re welcome people that might start making a little more money. :smirk:) I just can’t garuntee they cared.

Anyways! Getting off topic, here, so I’ll just conclude with: thanks for the advice. :smiley:


It is really helpful! I’ve used ideas from my one-page-stories for longer projects many times, or even just to help think of specific plot points or certain important moments within stories.

I do add choices, sometimes. I really just sit down with an idea and run with it for however long until I want to turn to my main project instead or, if I’m doing it as a stress-reliever, when I’ve relaxed some and feel ready to turn back to whatever it was that was stressing me out.

Some of them really never get past the first, introductory, page, which is where the exercise earned its name from. Other ones have gone on until I have maybe half or even more of the prologue done. I don’t think any have ever really gone past the prologue, save for one or two with exceptionally short prologues… but even then they only ever bleed a little into the first chapter before I feel ready to move on. Since the length varies, whether or not I add choices in varies as well.

As for stats… well, some of these are created for the sake of just messing around with specific kinds of stats, in which case, yeah those do have stats. Other than those ones, however… most really don’t have anything to them. Maybe one or two stats, or the usual ‘name, gender, pronouns’ stats in case the MC is referred to at any time within the first few pages but… others not so much. I don’t really stress about stats until after, if they become a larger story.

With these, I’m not really going in with the expectation of writing anything to keep (or, heck, even trying to write something good). Just having fun with a story idea or two and maybe they jump out at me and I want to continue with the idea, or maybe they just stay as a little practice.


I’ve actually started my own thing on choicescript, although I’m kinda new at it I have a pretty good knowledge of like python (the goto stuff makes it way easier)

I’m writing a kinda random thing right now, which I definitely find fun but I guess it’s different to everyone: I want to finish it and make it long and awesome and all that stuff, and I’d actually love to make it a long, cool thing (and release it for free so if you’re here in like 5 years ‘yay!’)

Some peeps say they find it fun writing tons of short stuff, which is pretty cool, but I love combining ideas, making something pretty long and I something I can be proud of.

Then again, I don’t have too much stress right now, so I guess I can afford to do long-ush stuff and try and make it as awesome as possible.

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