Make your game standalone .exe for windows

Hi, i am a newbie abou choicescript.

i currently test Chronicler to visually create game.

what about export your finished game to .exe ?

i think that i find several ways to make it.

i test with NS/js (node-webkit) at
i download the last .zip for win32, i copy my compiled choicescript game to the unzipped folder of nw.js, then i launch my game with this console command : nw.exe -url=folder\gamehtml.html

then you can package your game into .exe like that :

create a package.json like :

“main”: “index.html”,
“name”: “nw-demo”,
“description”: “demo app of node-webkit”,
“version”: “0.1.0”,
“keywords”: [ “demo”, “node-webkit” ],
“window”: {
“title”: “node-webkit demo”,
“icon”: “link.png”,
“toolbar”: true,
“frame”: false,
“width”: 800,
“height”: 500,
“position”: “mouse”,
“min_width”: 400,
“min_height”: 200,
“max_width”: 800,
“max_height”: 600
“webkit”: {
“plugin”: true

index.html is your compiled html from Chronicler.

then you create a zip with your html, images etc… and package.json at the root of the zip.
rename .zip to .nw

finally open a console and type : copy /b nw.exe + test.nw app.exe

check the tutorial (for windows and others os) here :

i found also browsers made with Sharp (so you can embed html in custom browsers) here, but i don’t test anymore :


have you test node.js, others ways, can you send some experiments, please.