Magikiras romance

@Urban @Chinya The official romances are Morgan, Larry and Samar. If you don’t pick any of these, there will be one moment at the very end where you can have one encounter with one of your other team-mates. That’s pretty about all there is with the others, honestly. I didn’t really want the others to be romanced since a) Ami and Jax are an official couple, b) Balogh thinks you’re too young and has some issues, c) Karin is generally in love with Morgan and d) Luiz is an ace. There were plenty of people who didn’t like this however and I decided to just add a little something in the end. It’s not a real romance but it’s something for those who still want something with these characters. In all cases, it’s just a one night thing only as far as I am concerned. If the readers want to think otherwise, so be it.