Machinist (WIP) (Updated 7/5/18) (16.8K word count w/code)

I have to ask, is possible make mech?

Got it. I updated a patch to fix that error. It should, if it doesn’t let me know.

Mechs, along with the other inventions have not yet to be implemented. My question is what would you like to do with mechs, gameplay/story-wise?

Well i will not lie, i love mechs, and when you said you can make weapons the first thing who occur to me as mech. But i think i like to have more options to make weapons, maybe a powered suit or a tank who shoot lazer.

Sorry everyone for the delays. I went to a week long program called Boys State and had no access to my laptop. It also threw off my daily at least 1k word writing habit. :disappointed_relieved: So this project is not dead. I repeat not dead, and I will hopefully update at 7/4/18 in a couple of days with a lot of dialogue and bonding with your Mother Cecil. WIth some additional character details at character creation. :sob: I will not fail you.


7/5/18: Update is now here. It’s not complete yet but you should hopefully get some more text out of it right now. Currently 16.8k word count with code. There are now conversations with Cecil, some research on nightmares is available, more character customization, there is now a save option on dashingdon. Working on an update that will explain inventing stats in game near the very start.


Found one

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Got it. I think it’s a problem with the save plugin from dashingdon. It works now.

Got this :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: also this

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That should be solved as well right now. Gosh this is why I spend time really going through these debugs. But I had to update, it’s been so long.

Got this researching shadows

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Solved :grinning: I really appreicate all the bugs sent to be fixed. It gets harder to test when the the word count increases.

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