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I’ve begun work on my first game Lost to the Moon. You play as an emissary from one of three origins in a fantasy/ 1940s flavored world where faith is centered around the elements and elemental gods after the goddess of life passes. In an established world with complex racial state divides, the region where the character lives is attacked by black monsters who emerge each night. You have to travel to Kobalt City, the center of technology, knowledge and treachery, to try to find aid for your people. The Moonscourge has already taken your old life from you, what else will it take?

Currently the game’s total word count is 23,000 words and this just includes the introductions and a very shallow dip into the first chapter. I plan on trying to update it roughly once a month.

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-play as male, female or nonbinary
-Choose to be a runaway from a mountain city defying marriage traditions or an exile of the last indigenous people on the continent or even the exciting life of a farmer in a provincial town!
-Seven possible romances (3 men, 3 women and an extra romance opposite your gender)
-Befriend a immortal weapon of mass destruction
-Wield elemental magic by pledging yourself to one of the living gods
-Influence other people’s relationships, ruin people’s lives
-You shape your personality, characters react to your personality
-And more


Kaspian Palatine

Appearance: 5’ 11’'. A slender man with fair skin and long dark hair. He dresses simply except for an ornament in a single braid of his hair. His face is smooth and expressionless, like a doll’s.

Description: A Iydan man who became a champion of the water goddess Melusine several years ago. He is best known for slaying a sea serpent. Before he was a champion, he was a renowned host in Iyda’s many tea houses. Faithful to Melusine’s creed, Kaspian values his ability to provide others with comfort and hospitality above all else. Since being deified four years ago, he struggles to convey any other emotions and is hyper-focused on his mission.

Yu-Fei Sun

Appearance: 6’ 1". A tall, full-bodied woman with bronze skin, long dark hair and dark eyes. She wears plain clothes under her green long hooded-coat and usually has the same pair of oxfords on her feet.

Description: A Traysi woman who took refuge in Kobalt City after being found lost at sea. She now works as a scholar for the Nyxan government. She has a fierce, honest personality and a serious demeanor. A tough but fair critic who struggles to connect with others.


Appearance: 5’ 6". A limber and sprightly man of average-build with olive skin, almond brown eyes and a cropping of fluffy brown hair. He is rarely seen without his gold-buttoned red vest.

Description: A local playwright and actor in Kobalt City. Ori works at the Emminent Theatre. He is known for being reckless, personable and cheery. Ori has the blessing of air but tries his best to refrain from using magics.

Cypra Ruz

Appearance: 5’ 5" A young, dainty woman with pale skin, shoulder-length soft blonde hair and light blue eyes. She often wears a sweater under her pinafore and winter boots, even in the temperate city.

Description: A young heiress of a gun manufacturer in the Northern province of Yeoaze. Her life has been fraught with misfortune for those around her which has left her estranged from her family. A kind, quiet woman who is trying her best to find a place to fit in and a way to protect others from the curse she carries.

To play the introduction, click here.

This is just me throwing something I’ve been working on out there. It’s not really a demo. It’s not very developed yet and I am inexperienced with making interactive fiction so please give me all of the feedback.

I am also doing my best to make the game inclusive so please help me as much as you can on that because I am disclaimer not non-binary or lgbt so I am just doing my best. I want it to be an enjoyable experience for everyone as much as I can make it.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/paige_is_typing
Website: https://paigense.tumblr.com/
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Well im gonna wait for a bit for more content before i jump in to try your story but it sounds interesting so best of luck to you with it :smile:

Yet another promising story to add to my ever growing TBR it seems, gods they were right ill never actually get through it.


Very intriguing. You have my attention. I like what I’ve seen so far but I’ll wait till more is avialible before I can give a solid or any meaningful feedback. But definitely on my bookmark list. So :relieved: till next content update keep up the great work.


Oi there @paige_nse this is way too little content to form any type of idea but so for the idea/plot seems interesting enough…

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@paige_nse a very interesting story you have building here will be keeping a eye on the progress :smiley: I haven’t gotten to deep into the demo that you got so far.

I would suggest implementing a save system for testing out the demo choices especially when you get deeper into the story.

There is a few other things noticed that at least in my opinion that could use some slight adjustment because of word usage.

On that note I enjoyed what I’ve seen and look forward to more to come.

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Thanks for checking it out! I will definitely be looking into setting up a save system once the project is a bit more substantial :slight_smile:


ill sit in my corner where there is very little light, all the while grinning at my screen waiting for the next update.


The story looks promising right now. I really like having the possibility of choosing the MC’s background. And the origins’ stories are fleshed out as well, not just here for the sake of having different stats.

I think I noticed a gender mistake while playing the mountain origins: My female MC was meeting her groom-to-be and as some point he is described as a woman (if I understood the scene clearly).

I can’t wait to read more. :smiling_face:


I have similar bug. But Aspen should be a woman here


Sounds interesting

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Going to keep an eye on this one. I found the introductions fascinating. I want to read more. :partying_face:


interesting i like fantasy genre will we able to become like a hero or a villain? not in the literall sence but like doing bad things? how long will the novel be if you dont mind me asking?
thats all i hope for whoever read this have a great day and a nice health.

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wait that dosent make sense where the hell did cars come from did i forget something?

iits him not her

is here where the introduction end?

Your character will be able to take a path that conflicts with the other protagonists and will be able to make decisions that harm or negatively impact other people. I wouldn’t consider it as “bad things” or evil, but it will be in direct conflict with characters you might consider “heroes” so that would make you a villain in that sense.

I am not sure how long the final project will be at the moment but as of now I’ve mapped the story out in three acts and a total of twelve chapters.

Thanks for checking it out!


The final section here is a very shallow dip into the first chapter, the ‘introduction’ technically ends when your character reaches the city. Otherwise, this is where the story ends as of right now. Thanks for checking it out!

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@mra4432 yep you missed it lol kinda in the synopsis provided the general range of tech which includes having cars :smiley:

@paige_nse on that note did have some questions / rblings of thought lol how far we talking in the kinds of tech the city has far as comparison to the 1940s is kolbalt city like the capital of this area of the world? Sorta getting different vibes of the nature of the world that makes for a interesting dynamics.
Which is a good thing :smiley: but would love to eventually see like a timeline of past events that shaped leading up to current point and how it’s shaped the world.

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Wanna talk about this one. Will there be a non-magic route through the story? Because I really cannot see my native boy pledging himself to a foreign jerkass “god”?

Other than that the world seems interesting kinda reminds me of some of the themes of Final fantasy 7,8 and 15 with the cars and magic combo without it being hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

One tech question I do have is…where are the trains?

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There is definitely a non-magic route; the ability to use magic is a optional borrowed power as the main character doesn’t have any natural magical ability like some of the other characters.

There’ll be some more info about transportation tech in the world and there will be transit mainly in the city but for reasons that will be revealed in the story, technology has not expanded much outside of the city.

Thanks for checking it out!


Kobalt City is the biggest city in this part of the world although the country it’s in, Nyx, shares the continent with other countries. There is a very vast divide between the advancement of technology in the City and the rest of the world that will be explored in the story. It also has greater historical significance that will explain why it has a wide mix of different faiths and is a “center of culture” to the world.

I have been working on something like this in my notes that I might be able to release in an update at some point :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking it out!

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This was really good so far in my opinion! There are a couple spelling errors but that’s bound to happen with drafts and they’re barely noticeable.

"Then Flora should have remembered to pick it up if the first place.” The if should be changed to in, again very small mistake and not a big deal at all.

Other then that, your work is super promising. Personally I really enjoyed the read, I find your writing style refreshing and enjoy the way you’ve written the family dynamic so far.

You’re doing really amazing, mad props to you and wish you the best for the rest of your writing journey. I’ll definitely stick around waiting patiently for more.

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