Lost in your eyes (WIP) [3 Ch, 210K words] [Vampires/Romance/Dark Fantasy, supernatural]

It is MONDAYYYYY! Which means update time! Now, this week was a blast! I got skyrim yesterday and started to play at 1 am and didn’t even realize it being 10 am in the morning lmao. Got new glasses as well, which looks wonky on me but hey, eye sight is important people. Take care of them! But let’s not blabber about my personal life cause some of you might find that a bit weird lol. Any who! Let’s dive into what we accomplished!!

A massive 7K words were written! (I know I used to write like 1.5K words a day but come on guys, I didn’t write 1K-2K words per day for a month, I’m a bit out of practice :sob: This number is expected to increase though!)

6k words added in main story and 1K was added in the short story, there will be a lot of disclaimers because it will contain themes of Sexual assault, Rape, and a lot of blood and gore. This will really be an NSFW story with me not holding back on how dark I can make it, Sorry if ya’ll don’t dig that but I did say this one may have little fluff heh

Previous saves won’t work because I’ve been trying to make the stats as low as I can. Astute has been replaced with “Rational”, two stats (vicious and Detached) were merged, Dominant and Submissive will only give you unique dialogues instead of changing the whole game play drastically (For example, If you’re a dominant and then choose a submissive, You’re going to get a unique dialogue now and then.) This is because I don’t want to make my game feel too much of a chore to play. I rather have it as a novel where you can earn achievements instead of just ending up dying cause you chose wrong things, This doesn’t mean you won’t get punished for choosing a charismatic route when you’re an intimating . (Imagine you got a scar, are 6’2 and above, and just have killer eyes and you walk up to someone and say
I don’t see you wooing any one with that. (On the other hand, If you’re dominant and get all shy next to someone who’s even more dominant cough cough Alex/Alice then it’ll make you more cuter :>

I am thinking of adding certain symbols for things such as :bangbang: for Intimidation (also !! ≠ :bangbang:) and ↝ for for submissiveness etc. Might make a poll for it, (This idea was taken from @Phenrex. Give their book a read! It’s really great!) Until next time you guys! <3