Looping Pages

My second problem is, how to create a looping page.

For example, when the game starts and goes, in some scenes, you can “Interrogate” a character.
In the Interrogation Menu, you have few questions to ask, like 4 or 5 questions.
When I ask the first question, i will get a “static/constant” answer for it, and then go to the interrogation menu again.
And in the same menu, i can ask that question again and again but the answer wont change.
The problem is, the “Next” button is not enough I guess. Cause, interrogation menu has got 4 or 5 choices, bu none of these choices will determine the story.
Interrogation system is like “reading an encyclopedia”. It’s all about learning the lore of m y fantasy concept.
Also, if you face an interrogation menu, you can “Pass” the questions. Which means, you dont have to choose one of those questions; you can just go on, playing the other chapters of the story.
I think this is some kind of loop.
And i dont know how to program that kind of pages. I need your help.

Thanks a lot,

Well, the way I do it is to create a *label and then have each choice lead back to it. For example:

*label learn lore shit
-#This shit
–*goto learn lore shit
-#That shit
–*goto learn lore shit
-#No more!
–And so we end this lore learning.

Wow, that helped me a lot.
You are the best indeed =))
Thank you so much again.

ScarletGeisha, maybe you can help me (again) with another topic.
I posted “Non-Existent Variable Error” recently.

It means the variable you used wasn’t declared yet. There should be a line # in the error message. Check the variable(s) on that line. One of them is probably either not declared in mygame.js, or is spelled wrong.

Thank you Reaperoa.
My spelling was wrong as you said.
My problem solved thanks again =)