Looking for a Co-Writer

Hey, Guys!
I’m looking for a co-writer for my story. Well… I’m thinking about something with scifi, romance, mystery, and a lot of conspiracies.
If interested, let me know.
Thanks! :sweat_smile:

hello i am interested whats the story about?

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I was thinking about something like The X Files and Twin Peaks.

think I have an idea let me know what you think the story would concern you the MC being in charge of a newly created secret organization tasked to defend the country against Supernatural threats

of course there are other organizations out there to contend with some benevolent some not so
and of course there’s going to be a conspiracy of some sort

so is this an idea you like or should we come up with something else?

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It’s interesting. What i was thinking it was a little bit different

how so?

Okay… The governament makes a contract with some marine officers, whitch is: one of their sons will be serving as guinea pigs for some kind of genetical experiments. Like the experiments that ocurr in the WWII…

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Sorry about my grammar, my english is a little rusty. :sweat_smile:

thats ok no ones perfect

So… What do you think?

First off let me just say your English is good I could always help you with spelling and grammar

secondly I think your story has potential there’s a lot we can do with that initial set up
So I would love to work on your story

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OH! That’s amazing! :smile:

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so my friend were do we start?

send me a message inbox

Hey… I know I may be stepping in but… I would like to ask… do you know someone good programming with the choice script I would like to share my writings with you if you know how to. I can’t get to understand all of the programming stuff because I don’t have much time left with high school, so please help.

In advance I just write for fun I am not that good either and english is not my native language but I would really like to publish something in the choice script game format not necessarily under my name.

So would you like to take my ideas?

In case you don’t, please forgive me for disturbing you, good night.

(Edited because of typos)

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Hey, thanks for the reply :heartbeat:! I’m so sorry but I don’t know nothing about programming with the choice script, yet. But I hope you find someone who can help you soon! ;^)

Okay, thank you (^_^) sorry for disturbing.

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You’re welcome! :wink:

hey, I would like to make my case for being your co-writer, I’m not good with coding but can help you with grammar and spellings and can work with you on the polt too.

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I think that your story sounds like Men in Black.

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