Local IF meetup MELBOURNE September 2016

My fellow Australians will know that there are only six actual people on this continent of ours, and we’ve been working hard all this time to look like more.

Of those six people, five are into IF (and the other guy is a jerk).

The Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival is running an Interactive Fiction Panel (they’re still looking for a parser writer, FYI - PM me if that sounds like you) and I intend to be there, along with my fellow Tin Man Games writer Alyce (and probably various other Tin Minions).

So… shall we all converge on Brimbank at the beginning of September?? There’s bound to be a food venue of some kind (I shall consult my Melbourne associates if no one here speaks up) we can invade en masse for an afternoon on Saturday or Sunday.

Edited to add: The panel is set for 2-3:30pm Saturday 10 September.

@ Sydenham Library.

I will absolutely dress for the occasion (probably steampunk, possible pirate) and I’m generally difficult to miss. I’ll most likely look like this (any skirt I wear will be ankle-length), but with a top hat just to make sure I can’t be mistaken for someone else.

PS I’ll also be running an IF workshop focusing on ChoiceScript/Tin Man Games stuff in late September in Canberra, if that’s to anyone’s taste.


Is it bad that I have no idea were Brimbank is? :sweat_smile:
Apart from that, sounds like fun. Will try to get the day off. I had a look and couldn’t see when it’s running. Do you know what date it’ll be running on or is it TBA?

All I know is that Brimbank is in Melbourne.

The date is TBA - all I know so far is “early September”.

Cools, thanks Felicity :slight_smile:
I Google mapped it and it looks like it’s probably out of central Melbourne in the Western suburbs (sunshine or keilor park-ish way)

Still waiting for some event in Europe, preferably close-by

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Ah, poor PORT3R.

For the rest of you…

The panel is set for 2-3:30pm Saturday 10 September.

Sydenham Library.

I figure we could meet in a nearby cafe at 3:30 onwards (so all the shy people can blurt out their hello, gulp their coffee, and flee).

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All the good stuff happens in the Eastern states :disappointed:

Hah! You from Western Australia? May as well be in New Zealand. Poor thing.

Yep! WA girl born and raised!!!:smile:

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It sounds like (based on the intfiction forum discussion) morning tea will be a good time to do the social part of the meetup (and any other time, of course). There’s a Jolly Miller Cafe in the same building as Sydenham library, where the panel will begin at 2pm (not to be confused with other Jolly Miller Cafes around Melbourne).

So, perhaps morning tea 11am-12:30pm at the Jolly Miller Cafe (shop 1/1 Station Street, Taylors Lakes, Watergardens, Melbourne).

And around the corner to Sydenham Library 2-3:30pm for the panel, possibly followed by LARPing and/or further shenanigans.

Speak up if that doesn’t work for you (and there’s something that does).

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There’s a facebook group that came into being as a result of this thread on intfiction.

It’s an open group (obviously we won’t be throwing out non-Australians) at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1402882743352491/

It’s Australian Interactive Fiction - readers, writers, whatever.

Bumpety Bump!

Yes, the Aussie IF meet-up is absolutely happening, and so is the “Participatory Fiction” panel of the Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival (including yours truly and several others covering other forms of fiction). It’s less than three weeks away now!

-Morning Tea & Meet-Up 11am-12:30pm at the Jolly Miller Cafe (shop 1/1 Station Street, Taylors Lakes, Watergardens, Melbourne).

-And optionally around the corner to Sydenham Library 2-3:30pm for the panel, likely followed by LARPing and/or further shenanigans.

I’ve booked my flights now, so at least two Australian states will be represented (and probably many more). At least one other Tin Minion will definitely be there, so if you’re a fan of Tin Man Games (in my opinion, Australia’s biggest and best producer of interactive fiction and games) this is a unique networking opportunity and/or a way to see how the professionals are just like us.

Some of my best friends are fellow-writers I’ve met at writing events like this one, and three of those friends have become international best-selling authors since I first met them.

Oh! And don’t forget the brand new facebook page for Australian Interactive Fiction (readers and writers, with honorary Australians welcome): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1402882743352491/?ref=bookmarks


Just checking if this was still happening? Will be at the panel and can try an make the meet up before :slight_smile:

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Yes! I’m here in Melbourne right now. See you tomorrow! I hope you make the meetup!

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Cools, see ya tomorrow then :slight_smile:

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I’m 175cm all with long brown hair, a dark pinkish T-shirt and an ankle-length dark green skirt with a grey panel at the front.

I’ll let staff know who we are so they can direct people too.

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Sorry will be a bit late but will get down there as soon as I can. See you then :slight_smile:

It was really excellent to meet you in person Jacic.

Thanks to Phil Minchin I had a very calm, not-getting-rained-on-or-lost drive to the airport, and I’m home safely.

I did manage to leave four of my novels at the library, but oh well.

I’m really glad I finally got to meet you as well! Happy that your trip home was rain free :relaxed:
Oh no, maybe the library can send them back to you?

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