List of Choicescript games hosted outside of the official website?

Are there any catalogues that list Choicescript-based games hosted outside of

Up to now, the vast majority of games that I know are using this engine can be found right here on the main site (under Our Games/Hosted Games). I’m curious to learn who has been getting their games published away from the Choice of Games ecosystem.

Had this topic in mind when I found out the ancient life-simulator Alter Ego was remade using Choicescript and made playable through this website: It’s reincarnation as a Choicescript game kinda shocked me; I don’t see it brought up whenever Choicescript games get mentioned, even though the remake apparently predated the first Heroes Rise (which is pretty old itself).


My understanding is that Alter Ego was ported into a browser game using an old version of ChoiceScript by Dan Fabulich, before the formation of Choice of Games LLC. There’s a bit of chat about it on the forums but not a lot recently.

@Jacic made Lost Ones for sub-Q Magazine. Other than that I can’t think of anything that’s finished. There are a couple of unfinished games - Walker’s Rift by Verity V Lee for IntroComp, The Wedding Party by me for the Bring Out Your Dead jam, both from a few+ years ago. There’s not a huge amount of ChoiceScript that isn’t published here, due to the licencing rules.


I don’t think a catalogue of them exists in any official capacity. Might be a project someone on the forums could undertake.

The platform stores: Apple, Android OS (Google & Amazon), and Steam are the only other places Choice Script games have been sold outside of the company’s web-store.

A few people are also hosting free games on Dashigdon’s hosting service.

Other than that, I am not aware of anything.


Thanks @HannahPS :slight_smile: Sub-q has published CSG’s. I’ve also got a second one called there called ocean’s call which is less recognisable as CS due to a colour mod. So far I think they’re the only two there, but they do accept CS submissions so there may be more in the future :).

Unfortunately there’s not a centralised database for CSGs. Due to the licence, most seem to be free games made for comps outside of the official publication lines. A few other places to look would include which has some hosted CSGs, mainly for game jams and comps. I’ve got a few hosted here, and I know @hustlertwo, @will and @nauhziy have short games published on that site via this link for a game jam there. (There could also be more I’m not aware of as it’s a popular Indi game hosting site.) Edit: both the games listed by Hannah are on itch, so there’s probably a lot more :slight_smile:

There’s been a few submitted to IFComp over the years (including some that have placed very highly like the comp versions of Scarlet sails, Turandot and Creatures such as we) which means they remain accessible on their archive. There’s no easy way of finding which entries are specifically choicescript on the archive database that I know of though. Can try a search of this forum (sometimes entries are announced here) or go through the entry lists by year [here] (25th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition - IFWiki) on the ifwiki. If you know the year a game was published, you can find it on the IFComp website. Only issue with the ifwiki if you’re looking specifically for CSGs, is it sometimes lists them as “web browser” games instead of specifically choicescript.

I have seen a few finished projects hosted over a dashingdons (like counting spoons, there are others but their titles escape me at the moment.) Unless you know the names they can be tricky to find however as most are wips.

A tag search for choicescript on ifdb picks up a couple more from places like itch, introcomp, IFComp and personal websites (mixed in with COGs and HGs)

BTW thanks for bringing up alter ego. I’d missed that one. Will need to take a look :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the responses. I have to admit, I was expecting more sites to get mentioned in this thread; guess the engine isn’t as widespread as I imagined. was a good shout though, even if not all the CS games I’ve found there were carrying the choicescript tag.

P.S. Need to thank whoever came up with One More Lap. A racing game with CYOA-mechanics is truly an innovation.


What CS games have you found on


@Jacic listed a few under their page. Besides that and OML, there’s A.I. Love You, which runs Choicescript like a text parser instead of the usual multiple-choice options.

From what I can tell, most CS games on the site were made for game jams, so they’re not half as long as the stuff one would find on here.

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