Linked souls (WIP) Updated 24 october 2019

Hi everyone. I’m new in the forum. I love COG and HG since i discovered it. And i wanted to write a game of my own. I tough you were a group of experienced writer but after a couple of research i found out that anyone can write it’s own game. So here i’m now.

About the game

So this game is a pretty simple one. Nothing fancy. It’s about romance and relathionships. There’s some stats. You can play as:

1.Anais Gerfaud: Female
and a yoga professor.

  1. Nolan Harrison: Male
    and CEO of a company that operates in luxury tourism.

Altough, you can change your name. As you might have guessed, the story will be different with each PC. Oh! And you can’t romance a NPC with the same gender as the PC (Sorry for that. I’m straight, i don’t know how to write romance scenes in the point of view of a gay, bisexual…etc). I’m still deciding if i should predeterminate PCs is personnalities. At the moment it’s predeterminated but i’m might change that in the future.


Update1: 10 october 2019
Added the beginning of Anais’s part.
Some new choices on Nolan’s.

Update2: 21 october 2019
Wrote a small update on nolan’s path.

Update3: 21 october 2019
Added the beginning of Anais’s chapter two.

Update4: 24 october 2019
Continued anais’s chapter two and started the beginning of nolan’s

The New link to the demo


Isn’t Miss Gerfaud playable?

I’m confused. Is it simple or is about romance and ships? The two are mutually exclusive in my head.

Somehow I feel more like watching a movie than playing a game. After some time I notice it was because of your adoption of a First person narrative. It felt like “One Day in Nolan’s Life” narrated by himself.

I really liked him.

For example. The way you can choose how to face his (probably) Traumatic accident. The way he seems solitary to the point of create all these projections over a girl (woman? What is her age again?) he just meet.

For a moment I catch myself thinking about that. Is he the kind of guy who need a woman to inspire the better of himself? How was his relationship with his mother? She or another female authority was the one who inspired him to became what he is today?

Guys with a strong female presence in their upbring often need a female presence in their personal life to maintain functionality. One of the best examples comes to my mind Richard Gere in the end 'Pretty Woman", when the prince comes to his princess is because is him who need to be salved.

Our character is hurt. He needs physiotherapy. And he seems lonely. There is good material for drama. I think that, although his character is clearly interested in her. His motivations seems to be more emotional that physical. Dunno I have the bad habit of over read ppl.

The fact that in no moment she seemed interested in him was a bonus. Show that this is no some gift shades of Gray expy. Lol

(That said, I’m a little disappointed you don’t give Nolan the option to do an ‘elevator smile scene’ when she was leaving. It’s so cheese that she could be joking and teasing him for years if they manage to became friends.)

About the problem writing characters with different sexuality I appreciate your sensibility in avert to write what you feel you don’t know.

I have the same problem with the story I am writing right now. It is in a country famous for both it misandry and xenophobia. But I could not raise myself to write scenes where the characters experience this because I feel disrespectful a man like I, an outsider that never put a foot in their land nor had a contact with their people, to write about a problem that is theirs and only theirs to deal. This kind of thing is also taboo for my Very people, and one of the motives I really hate Albert Einstein. That gaijin! (He visited my city once. And managed to insult our climate, our people and our ‘race’ in a very disrespectful manner for a supposedly genial man)

That said. I found that it was a very respectful decision on your part and I can not help but think of the great Sir Henry James.

He worked as literally critic in both France and England and often warned about the risk of
Poor Writers who dares to write about things they don’t have expertise or understanding.

You, on the other side show a measure of respect in that matter that I approve!


Yes she is playable but i’m still writing her part.

Well, simple cause i don’t use a lot of stats. It’s all about relathionships.

The choice of the first person narrative juste came like that on a whim when i started writing so i continued with the use of I. I’ll probably change it in the next updates cause i myself prefer the use of You in the books i read.

Truth be said i’m more of a follow the wind and see where it leads you than a planer :expressionless: Dunno if it’s a bad things or not. I just write what come in my head. I have no plan for this story or any backgrounds for the characters so i don’t think i will be able to answer these questions.

I don’t really get what you mean here.

Thank you :slight_smile:


That cheesy scene in the first movie when they say each other name before the elevator door close. That was repeated in the last scene of the movie IIRC.

At this exact time: elevator scene

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Oh now i know what you mean XD. Honnestly i have never seen this movie that’s why i was confused.


Hi everyone. This one is a small update. I added thé begining of Anais’s path. And some choice on Nolan’s


The demo link seems to lead to your other WIP, is it just me?

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Somehow the new link is getting me in some “Lawrence of Arabia”-esque game. 'Black Kingdoms.

Is that… Proposital?

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Oops! I accidentaly uploaded the black kingdom is files into this one. Now it’s fixed. Sorry for that.


Came across a little bug:


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It’s fixed. Thank you

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Wow, that was fast! :smile:

A tiny nitpick though:


Is this supposed to be “shout”?

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Yeah thanks XD

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Hey! It’s the elevator smile scene!

This pleases my inner School girl greatly.

Now we are shipping it properly.

I wonder if this mean one point in Nolan’s score…

By the way. Who exactly is Andrew?

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@Nahim_Kerman Andrew is your twin brother. That’s all i can say :joy:

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Hi guys. New update. Chapter 1 of Anais is path finished. I hope you enjoy the new contents.


Hi everyone, i updated the demo on nolan’s path. And i changed the title to Linked Souls. Enjoy!!

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Also, added the beginning of Anais’s chapter 2. Let me know your tought about the game as it stand at the moment. Have a good day :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I had some problems with my files on dashingdon so i had to overwrite the older game. The new link is on the main post and it’s updated on Anais’s path and a bit on nolan’s. Enjoy and let me know your tought and opinions. Have a good day💙