Lifeline universe is dead

Am I the only one who is sad?

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what? who? what?


Is that an app?

Last i check it was sort of like CYOA with episode released at certain time, sort of like visual novel like Choices

Yes, I knew it sounded familiar. But I never played one of their games


Yeah… there are actually too many of them in apps :slight_smile:

Really? Thought they all sold well. Did they just release too many of them?


Perhaps they were no longer interesting? Or the fans grew tired?

I’ve played one of their games. Found out that almost all of their games were realeased on 2016.

Oh, so perhaps that’s why they’re declining?

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Na they released in Jan this year . Went well for few months and theb out of blue welp we are gone. Some books like lifeline silent night and whiteout are available on play store if you are curious.

hmm… might as well check

I though you were talking about the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” Lifeline alert haha


I understand clearly their decline there wer like 300 clones many even free. And well there is no real interactivity paths or anything really. And the quality of writing for the few I check from a friend were increasingly dropping. You can’t launch 20 vesions of same mechanics with almost same storyline and expect maintaining a good longevity. Lol exactly as Telltale


Darn, I thought that their main series was good at least and would keep going until the end.
Well at least we have timecrest, now remade for the seventh time

Well they released this.lthis.lifeline universe app with lot of stories. I spent 100$ + to unlock every available chapter and now I can’t even replay the content I paid for because they just literally closed everything about.lifeline.


Sorry It happened me with a good virtual novel I had Like it was good and positive It was not edgy enough to all those people that wants forced content and i lost my game as it is not available anymore. However i personally found life line the most boring if experience in the last five years. In the base i don’t care a comma The guy girl I am supposed to care I found them annoying and hoping they die already to end the really really predictably story.
However all is matter of subjective opinion

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You have my sympathy in this.

Unfortunately, it is a major problem as so many games, etc. have become digital only. If the company that makes it shuts its doors, or even just closes the game, then the buyer is out of luck, even if you spent good money for it (look at how many online-only games like EA made are no longer available).

Not that anyone is really safe on console; most big games require patches, or additional content that even buying it physically is almost meaningless.

Compounding this is the fact that such moves also means the games may not be enjoyed in the future unless one goes through illegitimate means. Tell-Tale is a recent example of this; many of its titles are now being pulled from Steam. More than likely, the licenses they also got will prevent those games from going out as well; the Wallace and Gromit game was a good example of this a couple years ago.

shrugs Slightly off topic, but that is why when I can, I do purchase CoGs/HGs through Steam…that way they are still in my library. Of course, I would be screwed if Steam then went belly-up…


Thats a bit harsh, isn’t it? Telltale nearly fell because fans were no longer interested. Telltale might have repeated the plot about the same (dead people alive, then there’s the bad guys who keep hunting down the MC), but they had taste. In this case, it’s just repeating, there’s literally no point in making them. Telltale at least always changed things.

Tell tale had 10 years to update their engine that would make games tons better they focused in acquisition of ips for lots of money to a rythm they can’t handle no matter the crunch. Then saturated they own market launching trillions of games same time. That down quality .

Lifeline is same process at far far less scale.