Length of game influences buying?


I’ve bought 62 HG/COG between Steam/Google Play, some on both. When it comes to buying games, I won’t buy one below 200k words unless it has a “very” interesting theme, or is from an author that made a game I enjoy.


Sure, but to my knowledge it has outperformed all the longer free games in both the HG And official catelogue. So it’s not just that it’s free :slight_smile:


It’s been up for the longest, too, but I don’t think that’s the biggest factor. Dragon has 1 million downloads on Android and probably everyone on the forum has read it, so I agree that it’s just because it’s an awesome game. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure that wordcount is the selling point for me, though I’m certainly more inclined to pay for a larger one. The reason for this is because I know that a big wordcount doesn’t necessarily translate into a longer game or more engaging story. There could just be a boatload of branches, and while that sounds awesome it unfortunately cuts down individual playthroughs significantly. And that’s where I think that the standard advert line that CoG gives us - the one where they tell us all of the cool things we can do, and all of the little ways we can affect them - does the shorter games a disservice. Because when I read those, and then look at the wordcount, the math is not kind. I’ll still play the demo if it looks like it might be interesting, but I’m going in with some healthy scepticism.