Legends of Ophelius (Latest update: 6.3.2018)




A fantasy war RPG, with romance flavors for those who want them there:

Play as a female, male or non binary warrior or rogue, who joins the anti-magic army out of class/origin reasons. Create your legend, then carve them into an arrogant warrior, comical rogue etc.

Make a major choice to stay inside the Holly Battalion lead by High Priestess Mairi, or to join the Rebel Occultists (Magic users) lead by a wizard named Muradin.

This choice, will set up your word state for the second game in the series. Based on it, you may loss friends or even lovers who will not abandon their side of the army (if not properly convinced).


If you want romance, you get to pick between two (or three if rouge) females, one (or two if warrior) males along with one non binary character. I removed the gender locks so they can be romanced by any gender.

*Uross/Male Half Elf, a rogue(Introduced in the end of Warrior’s Origin story “Memory Lane.” - Uross is in the story only if you pick a Warrior to play as (Barbarian included.)

*Titania/Female Giant, a warrior (Introduced in chapter “A Warrior’s Exile” - Titania is in the story only if you pick a Rogue to play as (Archer included).

*Savanna/Female Human, a witch (Introduced in chapter “Witch in Chains.” - For all

*Claudia/Female Human, a battle strategist, warrior (Introduced in chapter “Battle Plan.” - For all.

*Mael/Male half-human, half-dwarf, a warrior (Introduced in chapter “Battle Plan.” - For all.

*Abeus/Non binary Elf, an occultist/magic user (Introduced in chapter “Dark Secrets.” - For all.


By the way, I think I finally ‘found myself’. I really like what I’m doing on this game, so I’ll probably finish it first! :smiley:

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The cover picture is bomb af

Can you romance a character even if they aren’t your companion?

Love the cover pic.
But I have to ask something even if this probably comes off as rude. Why do people share such short WIPs? I can’t even form a realy opinion based on this. I think a prologue and a few chapters at least is the way to go. Once again I’m sorry for the rude question, but I wanted to ask this so many times before.


RO options seems a bit favoured for females :sweat:

Men get 1 ro choice while women gets two

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Men get two actually, if you play as a Warrior. :slight_smile:

But i see your point! I’ll probably add in another female and another male romance option, and they won’t be gender locked! ^^


Are Uross and Titania only available depending on your chosen class?

Generally, 4 romances are a bit few to have genderlocks.

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When most people start writing they do it for showing what they can do and after some time you realise how good it’s going to be and it gets hard to contain that so you share your story even if it’s early.


It’s not rude, I get it. :slight_smile:

I know it’s short, but 1. I’m really exited about it, and 2. I want to hear your early thoughts before going much further. You may find something that needs changing NOW, so i’d rather fix it heads-on!


I always wanted to play as a straight male robinhood rouge with a female Knight RO

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Uross is your companion if you pick the warrior class, and Titania is your companion if you pick the rouge class.

The reason for this is that they fill out the roll you didn’t pick. :slight_smile:

And i’m most likely - as i mentioned - going to add 1 more female and 1 more male, who won’t be gender locked.

My reasoning for gender locks? The characters have their own orientation. It’s something I’ve always loved in Bioware games, and personally believe it makes them appear more realistic.


Is one sided love possible ?

Also, since I’m not a native English speaker (or writer XD) - I’m curious if you guys think i should use an editor?? Based of the prologue etc?? :slight_smile:

I won’t be offended if you say I do. I have many net pals from the England or the US, and my gf is a native speaker as well! So, yeah, no trouble there! :smiley:

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And they won’t be characters in the game, and available as romances, if they’re the same class as you?

That’s a good idea. As the list is now, non-binary MC’s only have 1 option, who is female, and gay male MC’s only have an option if they are warriors.

If you pick a gender that’s not romancable for a certain character, they will reject you if you make a move, yes.

So yes, one-sided love is possible.


That is the idea. They fill out the role you didn’t pick. As mentioned above.

Yeah ^^ Those are the characters that were already in the story when I started writing. But it was meant to be a book, not an RPG. Since it’s an RPG now (YEY! :D) I’m going to add in more characters that you can befriend, romance, hate etc ^^


Thanks for the answer. Guess it makes sense, still I think I’ll get back to this WIP later when it’s more developed.

That’s fine. :slight_smile:

I’ll update every now and again. My first update will be once I add in the origin stories (for warrior and rouge.)


Hmm… One sided love… I think I’ll pass, I’ll just play as a female and be a female robinhood with female Knight RO

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