League of Lunacy: Fantasy Heroes (WIP, Updated 4/2/20)

It wasn’t necessarily going to be a mandatory reveal, although my initial inclination was not to make it stat check-related but to tie it into a sidequest, and thus finding it ought would depend on whether or not people were interested. Glad to see that my plan of waiting seems the most popular as of right now.

I like the idea of a sidequest or even a compulsory quest better than a stat check.

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I agree with the others – keep it as it is. If you introduce that part of the plot at the start, or too early, it might become lost in the world-building the player is just starting to learn. Having a slow buildup, though, would increase the impact of the reveal due to the player’s greater understanding of the setting (and why it was hidden in the first place), as well as their connection to the characters. It’d also seems like it’d be more in-character if the MC isn’t trusted and told about it right away, too.


^ This so much! I find some writers create great worlds with so much depth and lore to them, but some end up squeezing it all right away and (personally) it ends up being overwhelming and alienates me from the story.

In this case, I don’t think it’d alienate me, but keeping it a secret would make the story more intriguing for sure :+1:
It’d also be a nice pacing. Like “Whew, the real owner being a giant rat was something else… well back to normalcy and some hard work! /Character revelation happens/ What is going on with this part of the world!?”


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