Law-Abiding Citizens (WIP) -- Updated 23/08/18 (HUGE HIATUS)



Aye aye captain smol!


Captain oh captain. I’m not sure if i just reached the end of the demo so far or if the machines are trying to trick us again.

Edit: 3 of the 3 options end in an error. Damn machines!


It’s been an hour and I’m still trying to fix This. I will report back here when I do get it! Freaking machines…


Machines strike again!


Alright! Everything seems in order! Tell me if it’s not, I appreciate all of your reports guys, it helps a great deal. :blush:


Looking trough your code, I think you can simplify it quite a bit by adding pronouns when the character chooses gender. Then you won’t need a separate paragraph every time someone says he/she/they. Need help with name, gender and pronouns


owo Thank you so much… I will definitely use this.


Bit of a gender typo for male char here


Omg I’m so sorry, and thank you for pointing it out. I try my best to not accidentally do this type of stuff but sometimes it slips out. If there’s anything else of this genre that you find please let me know! :sweat_smile:


Ooi! You did a great freaking job!!! Just caught here one double word ‘just’ that repeats itself.


Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it, it’s good to see that my hard work does pay off. I’ll fix it in mere moments.
If you see anything else that seems wrong, please tell me. I would be internally grateful! :smile:


You’re not going to tell us?





“I know, I’ve there before remember?”

I’ve been there

You had no idea Felix was involved in any way, he was the smartest and riches gang-leader you knew.


“-working here?” A woman’s voice, and sharp echoes of heels.
“Just quit then, why won’t you?” Another woman’s voice, this one with a heavy accent. You very silently peeked through the slit of the stall’s door. You could see the two women, hurriedly applying makeup as they examined themselves in the bathroom’s mirror.

Erm… I’m in Men’s room


Thank you! I will fix these mistakes.

As for the last one, I’m sorry If I was misleading when writing it but the MC enters a unisex bathroom. Which means any genders are allowed.


Ah okay must be a bug from my side then…gotta run Diagnostics on my eyes

I’m one of them machines :imp:


It’s alright! It’s the thought of helping that counts :grin:

I swear I have nothing against the machines ‘-’


GUYS NEW CHAPTER IS OUT! Trevor’s chapter four, check it out!

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I love you all :heart:


Next on chopping block is Serena right?


was trying the demo…

Got: chapter 1 line 2: Invalid use of curly smart quote:(there is a straight line here) , use straight quote ‘’ instead