Lack of restrictions (no *selectable_if)

What about always being able to select an option, no matter whether you meet the requirement or not? There are certain advantages:

  • you take no chances of a bug preventing the reader from making a choice (when he or she met the requirement)
  • you allow the reader to cheat (which is what many like to do)
  • it reminds of the times when gamebooks were hard copy

This is the approach I used for the Android version of The Path of Light.

You mean like a ‘cheat’ option?
Set a cheat variable early in the game that lets the player, and if it’s true, make all options open.

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I fail to see the point of this. Wouldn’t that just make it so you have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the game? You could just click randomly and get any ending of your choice. It probably wouldn’t make much sense storywise either, unless you’re playing someone with multiple personality disorder.

That being said, if you want to do so, you could indeed have a boolean for cheats, and add it in your code among the *selectable_ifs, just add an or (cheat) at the end of all the conditions.

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