Knights of Evallon (WIP) [Updated 27 Jan 2024, 59k words]

Sorry if for being unclear since English its not my first language.
It means just playing based on your stats like high combat get good results while low combat bad results on a choice.

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Your English is fine and you don’t have to apologize either way. And yes, the game is supposed to be stat based, but my stats are so high actions are always successful. I am still trying to get the balancing right.


Looks great so far! Just some minor pronoun errors.

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Thank you! You have been super helpful. It should be fixed now.


So far seems pretty good IMO, I like how the fight scenes were done and the different ways you can shape MC through them, also is there any chance you’ll be adding save files soon?


Thanks! And yes, I will add them as soon as possible.


This is really cool! Didn’t come across anay bugs or the likes! Well done, OP. I can’t wait for more :+1:

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Just tried the demo and it was pretty cool.

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I was confused by the POV swap, then I realized it’s not a POV swap and I just happen to have exactly the same name as my younger brother, apparently? Is Roland my brother? That was the name I picked for myself.


I keep having a problem with the customization option for hair color. When I choose silver it takes me to the option to enter my own color.


Very interesting, going to bookmark this for future updates. I really like it so far :smiley:

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Oh hey, as you are making your first game, I thought you should know about a feature i just found out in the CSIDE. Theres the Quicktest feature, that allows you to quickly have your game tested by the computer to look for any errors quickly! This will pinpoint errors for you and allow your readers to find mistakes like typos and grammar mistakes quickly and without being stopped by bugs lol! LIKE SOMEONE I KNOW

Next thing if you are using CSIDE to code the game, I also found out that “CNTRL+D= ${}” This helps immensely while coding variables without making you copy and paste the variable from your google doc every single time! If you have any questions about it, you can search online or just ask people. I liked the game, was a nice little break haha!

Welcome to your first WIP!


@redfield Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ll continue with editing the rest of Chapter One after I have added the save system.

@Suryaansh_mokta Thanks! I am glad you liked it. I appreciate that you took the time to read.

@geldar Yes, the brother’s name indeed is Roland. Also, thanks for checking it out.

@K_T Thanks for taking the time to read and the bug report. I had missed the goto command. It should be fixed now.

@UrKindred That’s extremely kind of you. Thank you so much.

@FatedFlame Yes, this is my first Choicescript game. Thanks for the tips. They will be extremely helpful. Also, thank you. Glad to be here!


Log: UTC 02:49 AM 22/01/2022: Save System added.


WIP of Princess Amelia


Not a lot, but really well written love what you have here so far :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . Definitely keep up the great work and most certainly looking forward to the next update :relaxed:
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Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to read. I am working on finishing chapter one, and I have decided to rename the chapter as “The Princess of Evallon”.


Hi big fan already, can’t wait for what to see what happens next.Little suggestion could u add the hannya mask (Japanese Demon mask) to the mask to opinions because to me wearing that mask adds to the fact that we are the “chosen one’s” Arch nemesis.

Keep up the good work.


Thank you, I appreciate it. And of course, I’ll be happy to add it. Is it a particular type of hyena mask or just a regular hyena mask?

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Author’s choice.