Knights of Evallon (WIP) [Updated 27 Jan 2024, 59k words]

Love love love this! Wooo, another shiny gem! The opening definitely made me feel like a badass, mwhaa! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just a little error, after I decided to call dear detective I can’t progress further into the conversation due to coding issues. Definitely curious about what she would say :face_with_peeking_eye:

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This is really bloody good. Taking out bad guys and terrible people is always awesome. The MC seems so naturally badass. I hope we can help those poor women get to safety. Fuck human trafficking and traffickers.

I can’t wait until our morals and ethics start getting questioned. Are we really the good guys, or are we just a weapon for a different set of bad guys. It’s a deep thought.

I’m excited to keep following this. Your English was great btw.

Oh yeah just so you know, all 4 responses for when the inspector asks why we were in that specific place lead to a game ending/crashing bug. Just thought you should know.


Jumping back in for a bit:

Our sweet detective seems to have some pronoun issues. Even when he is a guy, his genders are portrayed as his/ her on alternating sentences. Hope this helps!


love the demo can’t wait for more :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I’m actually really intrigued by this one. Looking forward to the next update!

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Thanks for the reports. The issues should be fixed. I had forgotten to close one of the curly brackets.

Thanks so much.


It’s amazing how much sin a missing curly bracket can do. Thank you for closing it. I’m gonna go read that scene again now! :heart_eyes:


I love to play as a badass mc
I will be waiting for new content
Good luck


Does the current demo have chapter one or will it be updated

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I have to say you did a good job it’s good read I had my fun enjoying it I do a lot of not lot stories tell the character as an assassin


Holy hell the mc is badass, also found a thing

Was that supposed to be “Find a new career. Nighty night!” or am I just too dumb to understand.


I already like the game just by reading the character list and summary. Always wanted to play as a charming assassin who is kind but also someone who likes to fool around. :rofl: Gotta make sure that the inspector stays on their toes.


@Veraynea Haha! Yes. Besides, I am a total noob at coding. So it’s doubly difficult to figure out the problem. I spent the last two hours trying to figure out how to have the separately chosen first and last names appear on the Stat Screen. Also, thanks for reading.

@Gamer_Don Thank you! My hope is for the MC to steamroll normal opponents but ne forced to use their ingenuity against the Knights. Thanks for checking the demo out.

@Big_fan1231 It only has the prologue. I will try to update it sometime next week. Thanks!

@Takashi_Shin Thanks! I am glad you liked it. Thank you for taking the time to read.

@fingerplayer LMAO! Find a new carrier. Haha! Thanks for pointing it out. Also, thanks for reading.

@Mei_Hiroshi Yes, I am hoping to give them a banter-filled grudging romance filled with denial. Love the denials. Thanks for reading.


Man the demo got me so HYPE!
Really looking forward to this :grin:


Loved it. I am hooked already. Bravo! Truly impressive.

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that was so fuckin good holy shit. i was so hyped from the start to the end. just the premise is enough to get me all giddy. i usually try to be the whole stoic type when i get an option as a killer but the choices of playing as a cheeky, charismatic assassin is so fun. plus there is an inspector RO that is obsessed with capturing the mc, its practically given that you should tease them. the golden boy was my first option but honestly, might have to stick it with the inspector.

i would kill (lmao) to interact/annoy the inspector more. gods, im attached to them already

also, the inspector’s pronouns changes to her even tho i choose the male inspector.


This is very good @Astralise.Ink

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@Morgatron2004 Thanks! I am glad you like it. It means a lot.

@yb_minhee Thanks! I cannot wait to reveal my plans for their romance. Also, the pronoun issue should be fixed. Thank you for the report.

@Empress_Nightmare Thank you! I am glad you think so.


The premise is really great, playing as a cold, ruthless assassin who couldn’t care less about morals always excites me