Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] [OLD VERSION]



Nice… Time to include this in the story.


please be in early September please be in early September…

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Hmmmm… My forum birthday is September 16 and my actual birthday are in March 27

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August 20th, but it’s ok if you don’t say anything, I’m already starting to hate any new candle in the birthday cake (just kidding).

I don’t comment so much anymore because I get out of touch with the forum for a few days and when I came back there where like 1500 posts and I couldn’t follow it. I still check it out to see if there are updates. Still waiting to meet kris/Kridus and create a new fan art.


Change it too Sept 30 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:(no offense just fooling around)

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5 days after the next update… hm… :thinking: I might give an update in that day.

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Don’t worry there’s not much to follow it’s just battling, spoilering, and fake spoilering etcetc

There’s real spoilers here le gasp :scream:

Wait a minute… I went back to read some of the older posts on the thread and I saw one about Duke Jaden being a RO. Is this true? More gay options? Dreams do come true!

:joy:Yeah it’s 60-40 ratio (not gonna say which is which :wink:)

Well, what I do know is @Sophia say that mc can have one night stand with him

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Do you have to right gay romance’s differently than others as not to offend anyone?

What do you mean? :confused:

I’m thinking of making a story and there’s gonna be gay romance’s in it and I don’t want to write something that might offend anyone.

Yes Sir!
Just had to go through 1300 posts after 3 days away, that’s no easy thing, spent the morning at it.

Of course, we must win through diplomacy, and we are the most peaceful of the RO followers after all.
Still, no one can beat Clithus’s beauty and most importantly, gorgeous looking red hair, even more so with @Sophia on our side!

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That’s the spirit! (20 honoured characters)

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Let’s just open it up and permit being able to have all ROs. Then the book can end like this -

Scene opens, all main characters are in the throne room. Scattered throughout the main hall of the throne room, the dukes had assembled and were bowing towards the throne. No one dared to challenge the might of their new king.

Closer to the throne, the queen mother Victoria curtsied low to the ground. Her ambitions for her child were fulfilled, but not in the way she desired. The love of her life had been slain, yet she didn’t feel as badly as she expected. He had grown cold and distant to her. It was to the point that, in a figurative sense, he had been dead to her for a long time.

Opposite the queen, Javier looked devastated as he openly wept. He had not wanted the death of his king. He had not raised the new king to act in such away. As he saw the other son being led away in change, Javier wondered about the sum of his choices in life and found that he regretted everything.

Below the stairs leading to the throne, the dead body of King Andus lay in a pool of his own blood. His actions finally caught up with him and the cost had to be paid. Only his life could hope to pay back the cruelties he inflicted upon the land and his own family.

Closer to the throne, four ladies curtsied or bowed down low to their lord and love. One wore the armor of a knight, another the armor of a rogue. The remaining two wore dresses, armor suited for noble ladies of the court. All four of them would soon do battle for their lord’s affections but for now they could unite in celebrating his victory.

On the throne itself, a young man sat. His hair slick with sweat from combat with his father. His bastard sword sat by the throne, its bloodied tip touching the ground. He looked at all he won. The fealty of his lords, his undisputed headship of his family, the favor of four beautiful ladies. He looks up and then breaks the fourth wall. A smile creeps over his face as he speaks, “It’s good to be the king…”

scene cuts to black

(Kingdoms:A Man’s Journey. Dark medieval harem game, coming in 2018) :wink:


Almost every CoG and HG games have gay romance and almost all active wip have it, the romance usually treated just as same as other romance, depends on law in your story

:neutral_face: no comment

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Pretty sure it’ll just become a remake of John Tucker Must Die

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Mine doesn’t, actually.

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