Keeper of the Sun and Moon (WIP)



Like I said, it would mostly be for role-playing. So, naturally, it wouldn’t be absolutely vital since you could just headcanon it. But I’d still like the option regardless; it’s nice to have the game acknowledge it rather than just headcanoning it, and there could be some interesting reactions from the people who asked us.

So you’re going the “started off poor, ended up rich” route? That’ll prove to be interesting.

Personally, I’d make mine piss poor. I’m trying to make my MC’s past life in the human world as miserable as possible, to the point where he’d essentially throw himself at Astrid’s feet due to her giving him another chance at a new life. Sure, it’ll be a bumpy ride, what with being a dragonborn and dating someone who’s heavily into politics, but he’ll work it out.


Probably, since there’s an entire subplot dedicated to them.

They’re always magi, so they’re most likely not a hunter. The dad might be a rouge and the mum is supposed to be dead


Naw, I think with what my mc can earn he’d end up upper middle class at best. Alty and Cy are filthy rich of course but my mc takes rather poorly to charity in general.

Whereas I wanted to give mine of mostly normal life with its normal share of ups and downs, unremarkable in every way before magic school hit, really.
My mc was at the very least wealthy enough to own his own car, whether it was just a decent second-hand or a true beater I’m undecided on. In any case its a piece of scrap wreckage now, thanks to Astrid and that Gorgon friend of hers, which is why he did accept that $ 1000 from Astrid, since he would likely have gotten a similar amount (or even slightly more) if it were a normal case handled through accident insurance.


what i got from that was before coming here your mc was one of the following
Background anime cast

though perspectivly your more liklely
A child born with Purple hair pretending they arnt actually a Main character in some anime


Ugh, my mc doesn’t actually have purple hair, it’s a rather Angelic blond actually. Besides while the mc is the main character of the cog story here if it were an anime Astrid would probably be the mc. :wink:
But considering the mc never would have found out their connections to the magical world and possible abilities on their own without Astrid’s ill-fated trip, Red-Shirt probably isn’t entirely inaccurate.


I like giving my MCs blue or violet eyes.


I like to think that my MC owns a neat little car, not too flashy/expensive but nice to look at, which he…borrowed at some point in his life.

Blue Eyes Master Race.


A seemingly average guy getting saved by a girl and introduced to a world of magic regardless of their wishes sounds pretty anime mc like to me :confused:


I guess I don’t really watch much anime anymore these days. Anyway my mc looks way better than the average anime protag you’ve just described as from very quickly tvtroping it those seem to be almost always short and wimpy, very trusting and not too bright, whereas my mc is for the most part the opposite, tall, good-looking (keeping himself in good shape) clever enough, but more than that a bit mistrusting and very cunning.
But fair enough he used to be an “average” 'murican kid who was on the verge of deciding whether to sell his dignity or use his cunning, but risk his safety in order to garner that $100+ k a decent American college education seems to require these days.

He’s also neither in love nor in lust with said girl, which seems to defy the anime conventions where the protag is always invariably straight.

Grey/ Dark Silver eyes for me this time around.


Purple skin. Yellow eyes. No one will bat an eye.

Wouldn’t you just be stuffed into a genre at that point, with a good chance of it being porn? Unless you’re strictly going for shounen ai.


Look, I’m just a sucker for blue eyes.


OMG,:astonished: I’ve been reading this story for quite a while now, but this question just occurred to me;:open_mouth:
Why is this story called Keeper of the Sun and Moon if it has nothing really to do with the sun or Moon at the very moment?


Just why?
Has this question ever occurred to anyone else around here?
Help me out.:confused:


Keepers are mentioned once or twice (one of Seraphina’s relatives was one), so it might just be their full title. As for why it’s in the game title, maybe the MC’s one. They do have special mind control powers.


Actually… someone did ask about this a few thousand posts ago XD

Echoing @daydreamsincolor’s answer then:
Nephilims and Cambions are likely related to this Sun and Moon.

This is probably pointing to the Artifacts but… :man_shrugging:


I made a guess at what they are a while ago and the author answered. Sun and Moon = Dragons (gods) and Keeper = us from what I remember,. This is from a few… thousand post ago so my memory is hazy and the author may have changed it.


I mean, the sun and moon are most likely to be Nephilims and Cambions, (I would imagine that will be a war among them too since they hate each other) and the Keeper part, are probably us… probably.


Not true, at least not among the elite, though with the Africa story the mc can cover for one of their reports the political elite of both does seem to be intentionally stirring up some sectarian violence between their respective plebs for their own gain.
In our own school we already have the N/C pairings of Alty’s previous relationship with Cressy (and in my case his new one with my Nephilim mc) and his sister Astrid with Leon.


Well, that actually make some sense because Astrid is a Nephilim, and my MC is currently dating a Cambion. (Guess who.:smirk::sunglasses: Wink wink,:wink: nudge nudge) That’s right, Leon. I’m pretty much the person that keeps them from killing each other.:joy: They butt heads a lot, but they’ve gotten used to each other, even though they’re still not fond of the other person. Demons and Angels don’t really like each other that much, you know.:joy:It’s kind of hard for a Dragonborn to separate what is looked at as good, and the other as evil.


Dating Leon as a Cambion (I believe? It have been a long time since I play this) was probably the best route that I have done. He was cool with it (because it was brought up once and that was it.) Honestly, I think he made my MC love him even more then ever.

Wait… I thought Leon is the Nephilim and Astrid is the Cambion?


I honestly don’t remember which is which. I haven’t played this since the new update JUST came out. Legit. Even though this story is amazing, I’m too lazy to replay the entire story. But I thought it was the other way around. Wait a sec.
I goes and looks up facts of life
:musical_score:BOI YOU GOT IT…
YOU’S RIGHT.:notes:

…Seriously, you’re right. I was wrong. Get over it.:joy: