Keeper of the Sun and Moon (Discussion)

Whats really amazing is how dedicated he is to the subjects he does struggle with.

Until he gets kicked out for the next semester…

There is a scene that hints he hasn’t quite given up just yet.

Yeah, I was just joking though :sweat_smile:

I love our earnest hardworking Alty as much as anyone else, even if he does blow up the classroom now and then.


Oh! Sorry. I sometimes miss the obvious when I am multitasking.

The demo is now posted over at Keeper of Day and Night (WIP - Updated 2/22/19) :smile:


I was wondering, was there a save function at the end of this game? I notice the demo for the next game lists that will be an option in the final version but I can not remember if I could save my run of this one. Of course, I do think I will need to replay this game soon though :joy:

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There is no save function right now. If you wish to “reupload” your stats, personality and relationships in the next game there’ll be an option to choose how high/low your stats and relationships are. And there’s also an option to choose important plot points: Whether you saved Kol or not, whether you killed Reyna or not


so i wanna create 2 characters to romance yakov and sera i already create one for yakov a drakaina but sera i don t know what storyline i choose so i wanna ask what storyline do you prefer hunter or magician

Hi, there isn’t a save function at the end of the first game yet. It was recommended not to add one until a few months before the sequel comes out, to ensure there aren’t any coding issues due to variables changing, etc. Thanks for asking!

Hm, well, you do get some more time with Sera if playing as a magician. (I’d also definitely recommend doing the Delacroix Massacre investigation while romancing her!)


oh thanks ^^ so i gonna be a magician

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Kol seems to have some sort of thing with fire and phoenixes—it seems to be a kind of motif/theme? My guess is that his parents were burned to death, since in the scene of his Winter Solstice date (from his POV) he notes the irony. He just likes them. A lot.

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Ah that makes sense! It will make sure I play the game again then, how devious :stuck_out_tongue:. Anyways, really looking forward to more time hanging out with the friends and ROs. That was by far my favorite part of the first game and naturally what I will look forward to the most in this game. Honestly there were times I just skimmed through the plot points to get to the next hangout scene!

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Doing God’s work he is. Anyway I had my cat beat up any dogs who showed up in the house. And scare any newcoming humans.

What? Don’t like the insinuation of Leo being a villain?

Oh, fun.

This is the best urban fantasy story by HG/CoG imo. I really enjoyed it so congrats, and while the ending was a bit abrupt, I am really looking the sequel.
Thank you for such a cool story !


I thought we were talking about Altair? If Leon was a villain I’d still romance him :two_hearts:

I honestly just forgot and didn’t check the conversation, since I was replying to you, I assumed it had to do with him.

Altair doesn’t seem to be the type to kick anything. He’s too sweet for that. But what do I know? Maybe he really is secretly a villain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You know now if he does kick anything at any time I have to call you out.

Oh, just curious does what species you are affect your relationships with people? Might be interesting being a Nephlim and trying to romance Astrid.