Keeper of Day and Night (Update Post 1932)

I really enjoyed the game, but I noticed that i didn’t have the option of choosing an RO if I chose to make a character the simple way. I just thought that was somewhat strange.


Glad to see you started on the sequel so soon. Hope it’s just as good as the last one!


So the pet dragon attacked the dryad RA?

I didn’t realize he was vegetarian. :slight_smile:


…I feel like a idiot…thanks.:sweat_smile:

Oh boi the hype overload

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also I really hate MC’s parents now >_> magi mom compelled baby me to stop crying and human daddy wasn’t fazed by it?! I would lose my shit and throw a fit over her irresponsible parenting and use of magic!


“You didn’t come here for a purpose?” You frown. “You’re not going to give me advice or something?”

“You’re not going to give me any cryptic advice?” You furrow your brow. “I was pretty sure that was what was coming up next.”

sounds like my manual stat input broke Brant’s vision a bit

You shrug. “Whatever I could find, really. My dad kept getting annoyed at me for moving aroun the living room furniture.”



Okay, great demo and everything. but I think there’s a continuity error I’ve been scratching my head at.

I could be wrong since I used the “Set stats directly” option to reconstruct my MC from my first playthrough of the game, but in the first game I played a Magician MC, whom the first game established as being only capable of using ritual magic (and possibly the apparently willpower-fueled keeper powers) as well as non-magic skills. yet “set stats” offered to let my MC possess telekinesis and elemental manipulation as well.

Is it just a consequence of using “set stats”? or are you retconing part of your lore in the second game?


I was screeching when I saw the update owo, that was fast! I loved making seraphine smile :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ve never been so grateful for Google translate during the French scene with Gisele. Also, are we going to be able to romance the characters in the next update?

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Okay when working as a camp counselor over the summer the mc says they’re getting paid, but this does not actually happen, probably because this game, unlike the first does not track money. Also with the shopping where do we get the money for high society clothing from all of a sudden?

Cyrus is misgendered here:

*if RO = “Cyrus”
It’s of you and Cyrus at the duelist arena after one of her his matches. He’s trying to look aloof, but there’s a faint gleam in his eyes that betrays his happiness.

Pity we can’t actually meet Alty in the game yet.


Yay demos out. I don’t have much to add except for the fact I very much love the new relationship descriptors being added in.

Will we get the chance to do all the relationship/friendship events? Checking start up there seems to be a lot of them, wayyy more than the, i’m pretty sure, three subplots in the original. I know you probably want to keep the sequel incredibly replayable like the original but some of those seem incredibly important.


Hey i just started playing through the demo and noticed when you go in to set all your stats up in the personality traits you have the choices for kindness and cruelty reversed.

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Okay my initial response has had time to settle, so here’s some more.

If we went skiing with Astrid’s family, we owe Astrid an apology after getting attacked by the werewolves. She wasn’t there, so obviously Astrid isn’t a bad luck charm. :slight_smile:

The way things are set up can create a paradox- We can fail to deal with the werewolves because we don’t have the stats, only later for us to have a choice to have spent the entire break practicing with the stat that we failed with, making the earlier failure not make sense.

I think the hell hounds were Davina’s.

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Okay, so I just finished a couple of runs. Overall, it’s good, but there are probably a few things that could be improved.

Well, it’s still pretty early on, but it did feel like the MC was far more reactive than proactive. This was somewhat jarring when my Kol-romancing kitsune had to be told by Thalia that his boyfriend’s condition was improving, and had again to be swayed by the other characters into wanting to try to heal him.

Detailed notes

You try to ignore that Kol’s name isn’t on the list.

I would like to be able to say something about this; maybe: “Not all of us…” Especially if I’m playing as someone who was romancing Kol.

“I accidentally ended up under the lake once after getting lost on my way to the dining hall.”

Would this only apply to people who had a bad sense of direction? There doesn’t seem to be a way to set this, even in the detailed character creation.

“They’ve made progress on Kol.” Her voice is hollow. “I thought you should know.”

Why didn’t I check on him already…? :sob:

  • Helping him is the right thing to do.
  • No one should be in pain like this.
  • Kol saved us, of course we have to save him.
  • I’m a keeper, it’s kind of my job to perform miracles.
  • I could use some more excitement in my life.
  • It’s a good opportunity to learn more about healing magic.

Plus, you know, the whole boyfriend thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In-depth character creator:

I get asked to choose my element after choosing Hunter (which shouldn’t do any magic) and Kitsune (which should be set to fire).


  • Use telekinesis to stop them in their tracks.
  • They won’t stand a chance against fire manipulation.

Again, hunter.

You’d always had relationship with your parents,

(With two parents and a good relationship.)

  • “Practicing elemental magic as often as possible.”
  • “Practicing telekinesis as often as possible.”

Again, hunter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“I am being serious,” you protest, frowning. “Practical Magic Theory is supposed to be really hard! I’ve heard people complain about it more often than Organic Chemistry!” Your frown deepens. “And Yakov’s taking both first semester, which frankly sounds awful—”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine at Practical Magic Theory,” she interjects. “I would personally be worried more about the monsters.”

Can a punch mage do PMT? I mean, if he can, this is fine.

Good luck with the rest of the game. :slight_smile:


@daydreamsincolor Will we be able to customize our MC like last time? I know that we can choose clothing but what about hair, eyes, skin and height? Will it be an option later into the game since this is just the first chapter?

Wouldn’t it be better to say that they were Davina’s hellhounds instead of saying not-Reyna’s hellhounds? And the dream was about Reyna, so I don’t think Davina appeared in it.


Yah! New demo and more time with Sera :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The demo is great and I like a hint of humorous in there. The best part for me would be the French conversation and makes Sera smiles :pleading_face::pleading_face: She’s such so cute and the photo of our study date too :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Yeh it’s good I hate the combat through mc so crap

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hm cool i played the wip and i just wanna more ^^


Really good so far, I don’t normally comment on WIPs, but after playing the first game, and testing the demo, I can say this is really good and I’m looking forward to more!

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Once chapter 2 gets done there will hopefully be more, such as being able to set if we pursued the Delacroix massacre/Constellation project subplot in the first game.
Once it becomes important I hope there will also be a testing toggle for knowing Altair’s secret.

On to mc agency would really like to be able to suggest to Sera that they should focus on protecting the mc’s parent(s). While my mc hates being the damsel-in-distress between Altair, Cyrus and Seraphina herself he’s probably reasonably safe.

He’s an asshole but at this point he’s also somewhat familiar and still the father of my mc’s new best friend and my other mc’s boyfriend. Besides particularly with my main, nephilim mc his replacement might be far worse. I mean what if it’s Lysander? Then he’d have to interact the jerk and Secretary Dupree would be way worse than Secretary Monroe.

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