Keeper of Day and Night (Update Post 1932)

Delacroix family is like Targaryens of KoSaM universe :joy:

Also that would get total keeper count to 4! Jeez couple years ago there were only two keepers now new ones are sprouting every year. (considering the theory is true)


They might the only ones for a long while yet. My mc certainly isn’t procreating and I imagine the other two keepers might have already tried and failed, given their age. Though for the male one a keeper child later in life would not be impossible as men do have that “advantage” of being able to conceive kids much later in life over women.

And Renatus would be a part of them if he is Brant’s natural, biological kid. Whereas if you want an analogy to GoT my mc is smallfolk, like Gendry at best, since while his magical dad seems to be wealthy and influential he has never bothered with educating the mc on the magical world or its high society or even contributed a penny to child support for raising the mc in any way. :unamused:


Hmmm… I don’t know. This seems like a question I’d ask the author. But if she was compelled to live a blissful life I’d imagine it’d be hard to break the spell if she was compelled for a long period of time. It’s kind of like Davina’s situation — she was compelled by Reyna for a long time. And when the spell finally broke… She broke too.

Yeah, it is for some. And some people think that you have it that easy, but in reality you actually put a lof of effort into it only to be dismissed as “born lucky” :frowning_face:

That’s a full on mood

I’ve never ever heard a highschooler say that. What kins of sorcery is this!?

Oh. I’m naturally skinny so I imagine most of my MCs as skinny too because I model them after me (sometimes).

I guess I was lucky in that department!

Hmmm… This gave me an idea for a tumblr ask :thinking:


All of my MCs would be so annoyed. Just like “so I didn’t have to traumatized and have one of my suitmates in a coma or missing

Aw. My MC would love to have children sady leon isn’t up for it. But I wonder if MC will ever have that luxury — to settle down in a calm life without constant monster attacks.

The story of his physique and appearance for people only meeting my mc in the last couple of years.
And who never witness the effort he puts into training and eating just right to maintain it.
But academically everything continues to come rather easily for him. Though due to him having to do decades of catch-up work now he works far, far harder now than he ever would have done in highschool or an ordinary university. Being in constant, mortal peril and hating his current damsel in distress status does wonders for his academic diligence.

Math has been the bane of my academic existence and while university did get a bit more difficult nothing in highschool except for that damnable math was particularly hard for me. I imagine everything could have been easier still had I actually been properly diagnosed with celiac’s before my mid-twenties.

Guess you were. In real life I only briefly managed the sculpted abs at 29 while on disability. Currently slowly working on regaining them.

While I like to imagine most of my teenage and twenty-something mc’s as fit, they didn’t always start out that way and figuring out what is what in that regard helps me with establishing their personalities. My main mc here would react differently as a result than say my Myrmidon mc who was always made to be a (near) perfect android (and who is keenly aware of those qualities and doesn’t know what it is like to not have them).

This mc of mine is actually quite good at cooking and has been doing so for his mom and himself from a relatively young age. Which means he also likes food and that combined with no or limited natural inclination towards athletic pursuits meant it was easy for him to start highschool somewhat pudgy.

Sometimes when my mc’s start out in a really bad place, mental or material or both they have more of a journey to get “better” in the actual game, instead of it just being in their backstory. My mc in that other supernatural wip “Roots” would fall firmly in that category, being an impoverished teenager with a family quite literally falling apart because of said impoverishment at the start of the game.

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Maybe not if you want to take responsibilities of the keeper, because then, instead of generic monsters attacking you, you’ll probably have to go around jumping into magi politics and whole different kinds of monsters that can’t be dealt with as easily :pensive:


I thought your mc liked the whole celebrity and possible “media personality” thing (fame stat) and thus would go for the green button? Mine would like a fourth option. Build a life and career (in the human world for the most part) independent of being a keeper or any unwanted “fame”. I mean if it works out my mc may actually become quite famous, but not for being a keeper.

Mine would have the reverse of that situation with Alty actually, as Alty does seem to want kids. So, in that case, it would be my mc who isn’t up for it.

Of course being gay he can’t actually procreate with Alty and my mc is not going to sacrifice his hard won physique for the possible abomination of magical male pregnancy. :fearful:


Hmmm. No, that would be too out of character for her. However, I’d love to explore the fame stat with my other MCs. As for my main MC I try to be as in-character as possible which unfortunately might make me miss out on opportunities and choices I wanted to pick or explore. She’s always wanted to raise a family. And for a while she really wanted to be famous, to be noticed by her father. But that idea died out when she got more attached to Leon. She’d rather spend a peaceful and quiet life with him than drown in fame for the sake of being noticed by her father for a split second.

I quite like the idea of the fame stat because of its potential. But if I played as a self-insert I’d run away from the spotlight asap. It’s ironic in some way.

Adoption, surrogate mothers?? But yeah, I relate. Who’d sacrifice their body like that?? I’m not really the biggest fan of babies.

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If their goal is more keepers they’d need my mc to actually do the deed and be either the natural father or the “mother” (somehow through some sort of abominable magic). So my mc ever having a keeper kid is simply not going to happen.
Alty might be able to talk him into adoption, eventually. But that kid would be no keeper. And even for Alty talking my mc around to that would be a difficult struggle that would take years. My mc is not going to suddenly cave in on that point, not even if Alty brings out the puppy-dog eyes.

Well, not my mc, not after all the trouble he’s gone through to get it into its present shape, that’s for sure.

Is there some sort of social pressure that keepers must have kids to pass down their keeper genes? Because as far as I know, no one in-game has talked about it.

Is that even possible? Sounds like something straight out of a horror movie…

I don’t get the whole keeper kid thing? Of course that kid wouldn’t be a keeper, do they need to be? Do keepers have some kind of obligation to have keeper children? :frowning:

No strict or legal obligation perhaps, but with how much the magical world seems to want keepers I imagine there’d be some pressure.

Who knows? I wouldn’t discount it tho, given the American magical world’s apparent love for horror experiments, I mean the mc is the result of one, the whole draikana species seems to be another.

Agreed. :nauseated_face: :fearful:

It’s still most likely there wouldn’t be any kid, as it would be a really hard sell for Alty to even make to my mc. He starts out not really liking the idea of kids and his own very much sub-optimal introduction to the magical world as well as the nonexistent parenting of his own asshole sperm-donor are big factors in that. Guess my mc might actually resemble Cyrus a bit there.

But imagine if a keeper had a child but that child isn’t a keeper. Would the public see the child as a failure or a disappointment?

When all you wanted was to learn magic and go on magical dates with your fictional boyfriend but you end up in a human experiment horror story instead, yikes

Lies, pets count as kids y’know!

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Hmmm…true and between big fluffy kitty-cat and Altair’s hellhounds, which is also a point of contention with my mc as he’s been hounded by those things one time too many already, I don’t imagine there’d be much room left over for non furry kids.

Seems that way doesn’t it. ::fearful: :sob:

It’s only in America that keepers seem to be forced to be celebrities, but most likely a disappointment. On the other hand American keepers traditionally being from wealthy, high society families would do much to mitigate the impact of that on the kid in question.

I disagree. Birds are non-furry and don’t take up a lot of space! :bird: :duck:

I guess we’d only put a burden on our (fictional) children huh.

I wonder if there’s ever been a keeper (aside from MC) that used their position for malicious intentions…

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@daydreamsincolor when will we see the pets for the first time?

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What counts as malicious? My mc sure isn’t taking the gig for free and expects to be paid for any mandatory appearances, but wanting to make a decent living is hardly malicious. He can’t help it that he wasn’t born independently wealthy and has a worthless deadbeat for a magical sperm donor.

They’re still fluffy.

I have another question related to this: Will the ROs have a chance to meet MC’s new pet? Will we be able to choose its name?

More importantly can we get a Dragon as a pet who miraculously takes a liking to Bresis(and vice versa) and we go on a double date with Sera?