Just some basicish urban magic world (with a little bit of game)


So magic has started coming back to the world. Well actually it had been trickling all along to the point it pretty much didn’t need hiding but the flow is steadily picking back up.

Well actually using the singular with magic isn’t really accurate since there are 3 different energies. Well there might be more but no one is knowingly practicing their use.
With the flows increasing some organizations have cropped up around them not that anyone is taking them seriously… yet.

The new age druids have taken to active use of the energy that seems most in line with nature but even that one can do things that might be unnatural… or we need to reconsider nature entirely.

The infernals. Their motives are… a bit hard to read other than they are something of a hedonistic lot (Don’t expect me to write for their characters). The energy they use could be catastrophic when used in large amounts but thankfully they just take a lot of little sips.

The third energy is the one known for necromancy and golems. If there’s any gathered organization around this they haven’t given a name.

Monsters come into the world from buildup of the energies. They haven’t been that big a deal for a couple millennia so what’s the difference with the flows going up a little huh?
There’s also creatures that come from trying to sponge magic into living things of this world. Some have mistaken this for how to make familiars. It’s… not entirely wrong.

Around the same time magic started picking up there was some announcement from some company about revolutionizing how we use our machines or something. Probably hot air.

This seems kind of pathetic actually but maybe usable?

Edit: Honestly I’m borrowing a bit from something I worked on around high school. I was trying to write a series that takes place across 4 eras of this fictional world I made. Writing it macroscopically was easy but trying to write closer to character perspective I just wound up with a lot of talking heads and barely there action sequences.
At least the conversations were praised.

The other two types were blood and formula instead of demonic and necromantic though. Also they didn’t have monsters until the 3rd era (the main characters for that one were in a military of sorts).

How monsters show up was actually from this witch idea I had where if they go too long without using (or storing outside of themselves) their magic they end up auto summoning things that probably aren’t going to help.


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so is this a question? if your asking if it sound ok or not I think it sounds pretty cool.
I like magitech I like modern day magic stories what your saying looks fine to me.

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Sounds a lot like Shadowrun.

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I thought they only had one magical energy and 2 or 3 ways to use it (asking a spirit, just taking and using it, or… well maybe it was just 2).

I actually had my Sega Genesis restored just so I could play it again but I don’t see that many similarities.

Honestly I find their idea of Megacorps kind of silly. I think Snowcrash (the one that inspired Death Wore Endless Feathers)was a bit more accurate but I wasn’t thinking something that far into the future.
More like Watch_Dogs distance but not that setting of course.

@wabbitking Kind of. Yeah. Thanks.
Too bad I’m kind of missing a protagonist among other things.


World building can be a lot of fun. I know I love coming up with unique settings. You also need to have a protagonist though, a plot, and probably some NPCs.

So, where in your setting do you see the protagonist? Do they begin in the world without magic and work to learn to use it? Do they need to fight against those who’re opposed to magic? Or are they part of an agency that’s trying to stop the use of magic to prevent the monsters from coming through to the world?

Do we begin with magic coming in, it being great, and then experiencing the monsters, then deciding what’s best to do?

It does sound similar-ish to Shadowrun, but that’s not bad. I absolutely love Shadowrun. I loved the mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Shadowrun does also have the magic introducing monsters into the world through a build up of energies. There’s Bugs! There’s Horrors! I’m sure there’s other things I’ve forgotten. There were different magic types too, from Mages and Shamans and Druids and Physical Adepts, to I’m sure there were others I’m forgetting.


[quote=“FairyGodfeather, post:5, topic:21217, full:true”]
So, where in your setting do you see the protagonist? Do they begin in the world without magic and work to learn to use it? Do they need to fight against those who’re opposed to magic? Or are they part of an agency that’s trying to stop the use of magic to prevent the monsters from coming through to the world?[/quote]
Tabloid monster stories are picking up before the story begins but they were still living a normal not aware of magic life before they end up running into it.

I’m thinking the protagonist meets each of the factions (after their sudden introduction) long enough for a bit of “101” and let choices shoot off from there.

The floodgates are creaking open and things are already going wrong. Full on fan meets cow pie isn’t until the “official launch” day at least.

edit: Too dark?

edit 2: Well now I have something of an opening.


Just wondering if there’s a reason you’re using that format instead of choicescript itself. Putting things into choicescript is just a simple step up from what you already have.

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Prevents blind spots at least and I haven’t quite decided the stats.

I probably should use it. Can’t be harder than what I’ve messed with before.

Oh. How was the writing? Too little to judge?


Too little so far.

I’d definitely suggest getting into the practice of writing things up in choicescript.


Seems I worked it out pretty quick not that I wrote much more. Dropbox doesn’t seem to be cooperating though so I decided to post an updated document next to it.

Is that okay?


Have a look into getting a DashingDon account. Dropbox no longer lets us host games there.

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