Just discovered syntax highlighting for choice script on the sublime text editor

Not sure if this is the right place please move if needed.

Anyway I noticed when adding autohotkey highlighting to my sublime text 3 install that there was also support for choice script highlighting.

The “your topic is similar to” thing shows me two other threads along the same vane but this appears to be a third option available via the package control system for sublime text so I’ll link it anyway.


Those interested in the editor itself can find it at https://www.sublimetext.com/ not it is not free software, the website currently lists a license at US$70.


I actually really like being able to write arbitrarily complex highlighting. Super helpful for work.

Yeah, I couldn’t live without syntax highlighting. I got curious as to the existence of cs higlighting to make it easier to read when playing through games.

Is that your screenshot or one you found at random? If yours are you aware of being able to go to the project menu to add a folder to a project and get a nice list of all your files on the left side of the editor?

So that’s what its like to live inside the Matrix…

That’s what mine looks like right now. I think I peeked at someone else’s CS highlighter, but now I just have a page on Ruby bookmarked.

I also know the list thing, but it takes up too much screen real estate for what it does (esp. because I keep the tabs open anyways), plus it just looks ugly, so I hide it most of time.

You can resize the seperator between the panes. The thinnest I can make it is to hide the “s” of “folders” there.

Also I just discovered “ctrl+b” to hide/show it :smiley:

Ctrl+B doesn’t seem to work for me for some reason. (On the other hand Alt+V, Return, Return works fine, so, eh) still it’s mostly the fact that it takes up right/left real estate at all. Between the taskbar (In the screenshot you can see I keep mine on the right, plus the navigator, there’s already a loss of space for writing. If it’s small enough for me to not see the names, it’s small enough to be useless, and visa versa except annoying instead.

The option is under view > sidebar. I definitely prefer big high res screens for screen real-estate purposes.

Never heard of Sublime Text Editor before, but it kinda reminds me of Atom. It’s also a free Program as far as I know and does all kinds of great things :slight_smile:

In this one, I also have a Syntax HIghlighter.

Hushes into the Darkness to not trail away from the other text editor.
“I just said my humble mind.” :3

Atom kinda happened due to Adobe seeing Sublime Text and vim both seeing an uptick in popularity.

It wasn’t all that great at the time coming across as more of a “me too!” product. It being free helps though.

Atom is developed by Github, not Adobe. I think it’s a pretty cool alternative.

It would be really great if we could have links to highlighters for all these programs in one place.


Probably should. The only problem with mine is that it also requires a custom color scheme. Added way too many colors to mine. :smile:

@Sithwist obviously had the same thought while improving & updating the Wiki: