Java interpreter?


Has anyone written a Java interpreter for ChoiceScript?
I’m considering writing an interactive fiction player for Amazon’s new Echo audio device. I need to be able to query and retrieve text from the work in a stateful way behind a web service.
If there isn’t a Java engine, I could probably chain to a web service if there’s one available.
Failing all of that, any problem if I write a Java engine?


As far as I know, there is no openly available Java Interpreter for ChoiceScript.

As for making your own, assuming you intend to release any commercial products that make use of the ChoiceScript Interpreter, or any code written for use with the ChoiceScript Interpreter, you’ll need to contact Choice of Games directly (their contact page can be found here).

Alternatively a non-commercial license can be found license can be found here, or in any download of ChoiceScript.


I have actually written an old Java interpreter for ChoiceScript, but it’s not publicly available. It doesn’t work on the latest version of ChoiceScript, anyway.


Thanks for your feedback.
Right now I’m driving towards making a good proof of concept for an Amazon sponsored hack-a-thon in a week or two. Mostly I want to raise their awareness of the potential of interactive fiction for modern devices with the ultimate aim of creating a pipeline where authors of interactive fiction can sell their works. But it’s early days yet and the non-commercial license looks like it will do fine for me. If I happen to win the hack-a-thon, I might start assembling a team to do it properly. Once I have to start paying for someone else’s time, then I have to have a business plan and a commercial license will factor in. :smile:
If I go the ChoiceScript route, I’ll probably just hack a quick interpreter together that supports the minimum commands to run one or two choice stories. (If there are any authors who would like to volunteer their stories, that would be easier for me than reaching out to random people!)