I've bought some games on my mobile, can I play them on another platform?

Two or three months ago I bought four of the games from the Google Play store and now have them on my phone. Two weeks ago my partner introduced me to Steam and I’ve started playing the majority of my games on there. I’ve just found out that many of the Choice Of Games interactives are available to play on Steam and I would love to be able to play them on my laptop instead of my phone. Is it possible for me to play the novels I’ve bought without having to pay for them again or would I have to remove and refund them from my phone and buy them brand new from Steam?

Well, there’s this, but I’m not sure if it’d work for everything:


I think you’d need to buy them again on Steam. There are some bundles that allow you to purchase the games for slightly cheaper on Steam though and they sometimes go on sale.

I know Choice of Games will credit you with the games on their own store if you show them your receipts, and you can play on both your laptop or phone that way, but you need to be online while doing so.

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