Issues with surname

I’m having trouble with…adding a surname to my game.

So, I wanted for people to be able to choose their own surname and name in my game (for their MC). The following is what I did:

*create name “name”
*create surname “surname”

Later on:
*fake_choice (then listed the choices). I did separate choices for name and surname.

Then I was able to use both surname and name once in the text by using ${name} ${surname}.

Since then, I have been able to use the same format for name, but surname stopped working. It just ends up showing as surname. Not really sure how to fix this issue or what I am doing wrong.

I’d be grateful for any advice!

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Maybe check all the *set you have in your game and make sure there isn’t any that is changing the variable surname.

Sometimes I see something like this when I put a skip in the game. Like, if I want to test the latest scene without playing the entire demo, I will program a jump.

One way to troubleshoot this issue is to press the button that says “Start stepping” and watch carefully to see every line of code it is hitting.

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This would be my best guess as well. If you’re not using a skip anywhere, I don’t think I could tell you a possible solution without looking over the code.