Is this option available? (saving progress, reporting progress, delayed/graded publishing)

I’m working on an in-company educational game.

For quality assurance and feedback, we need to be able to check how different people scored/advanced in the game. Preferably consolidated, linked to their own (given) credentials.

On the other hand, we 'd like to be able to “publish” multiple chapters, or let some days or weeks in-between chapters, so we can track advancement, and/or delay advancement depending upon game scores.

Is this possible in CoG games? (An exported/imported stat sheet, or using a code word to advance to the current chapter…)

Thx in advance!

Ho, there. I’m changing this topic category into normal Game Development instead of Game Dev-CScript help.

If you take a look on this thread, updating an already published work is definitely possible. Importing stats are also done in several Hosted Game story as well (The Lost Heir).

However, I don’t think ChoiceScript is the best prog. Lang for your case. Publishing your games at here can take some time, due to the amount of various games submitted by authors, thus you have to wait in-line among them.

Doubt it’s easily possible. He’s talking about it being an in-company game rather than a COG unless I’m very much mistaken. And even then, the save data isn’t sent to you, it’s on the COG database. You could get people to screen shot their stats and send it to you, probably the easiest option. Someone else may have more insight, but I don’t think choicescript is the best for what you’re trying to do.

Code words to advance to the next stage are easier. Just have a text entry for a password (Which if right allows access to the choice to move onto the next chapter). You can either give them the password when ready or they can achieve
*if (score >80)
*set password1 "whatever"
and set it to show up on the stat page for the player to get and enter proceed.

Or there’s a number of other ways to do it like if your score is more than 80 it directs you to the next chapter if it’s under you have to go back and redo it.

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What you envisage is entirely possible, perhaps through use of such as the *script command—if you have a JavaScript programmer available to make proper use of it. This would allow you to store all the “game” progress files centrally (a simple database, for example) so the current saved data can be extracted / viewed / compared / manipulated in any way you like. But it’s certainly a step beyond basic ChoiceScript, and would definitely require that extra level of actual programming expertise and some form of database.


You would have to have a programmer make use of a command like *script, like @Vendetta was saying.

  1. Have the programmer set up a login in the game that will recognize your employee’s information.

1a. You can do this by creating a variable specific to that employee.

1b. Example: If my employee’s name is “Jane Doe” I can set a variable (this variable’s name is arbitrary) called myemployee to their name easily enough.

1c. Similarly, if you wanted to track it by employee number, for example 12345, you can set a variable (again arbitrary) called employeeidnumber to 12345.

1d. This will involve communication between the database and the game, so that’s where the programming comes in.

1e. Once the programmer is able to have the game and the database communicate (using whatever method is the most appropriate and secure) then said programmer should easily be able to have the game send data to the database.

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