Is there any single word that means once in a lifetime or once in a generation?

I’m trying to find a word for an event that occurs just once in a generation(for example an eclipse), or once in a person’s lifetime(for example death) .

I don’t want to use a phrase, is there any such single word in English or even Latin…


Just invent it. Many authors do it that way tell That it comes from an old language. In fact Anne Rice used one That was in her older language flower had the same word than blood" is something very common.


I may just have to if I can’t find one. Is there any such word in Spanish?

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No that I am aware we use metaphors so several ones. I have to look my rusty latin lol. I will try to check out something maybe Vasque has some.

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Generational –

Of, pertaining to, or changing over generations

Multigenerational –

Of, pertaining to, or affecting multiple generations.

Trans-generational –

Acting across multiple generations.


Yeah, but that words are ugly and not romantical lol. I thought it was about find a poetic word like saudade or saravia something exotic. @Eiwynn but lol you ace the practical part of the question. :wink:


Why not use the word Aeon ?

Hmm… So if I said Generational Event, people would understand that this happens only ONCE in that generation?

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For example:

Both of these are used in that manner.


I don’t know if that’ll convey the meaning I expect. I think aeon has to do with a long time, not necessarily once a lifetime

Alright. Thanks a lot folks☺️