Is there a way to make *goto_random_scene reuse scenes?

I’m trying to get a part of my game to have a section where one of two things can happen, and the action can be repeated an unlimited number of times. My problem is I need it to be random which of the outcomes happens and I need it to keep happening, and when I try to use the *goto_random_scene options for this it won’t reuse the scenes after a single use.

The character is dreaming, and can have a good or bad dream, so the process is basically #Dream, leads to *goto_random_scene with the options of the scenes “gooddream” or “baddream”, each of those scenes is a short narrative with a few paragraphs of flavor text and a variable change (+1 Mysticism or +1 Madness), then a *goto that dumps the character back into the main game. But it won’t go back to the scenes once its visited them once, and I can’t get it to go to them randomly at all when they’re *labels instead of scenes. Is there another way I need to approach this?

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*goto_random_scene allow_reuse

Looks like a thing, although that will apply to everything.


I think I figured it out.
I created a variable called “dieroll” with a value of 0, then after the #Dream choice used the command *rand dieroll 1 2, and *if dieroll=1 it goes to one scene, *if dieroll=2 it goes to the other. The page on the wiki explaining the dieroll mechanic is incredibly confusing to me; I thought I had to use the *goto_random_scene command if the text accompanying the command was more than a single paragraph, but this works just fine.


I think either of these options should work well in your case. Do whatever works best for you :slight_smile:

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