Help with *goto_random_scene

Is there a way to force *goto_random_scene to reuse scenes? And if you chain *goto_random_scene for, say, travel, is each *goto_random_scene’s scene visit limit counted separately? And, on the side, is there a way to randomly generate a number between two specified parameters in CS? Thanks in advance.

*goto_random_scene is literally random. If you want to force it, you might need *goto_scene instead.

As for generating random number, the command is *rand.
The format:
*rand [variable] [initial number] [end number]
*rand die 1 6

Yeah, I saw *rand on the wiki. But I also read that *goto_random_scene may only use the scenes in the selection once, so if you have:
If scene1 was selected, it would not be able to choose scene1 if the *goto_random_scene was run again.