Is there a way to go back to the specific scene the player was on?

I’m having trouble with the stats screen. I want the player to have an option to go back to where they were in the game by selecting “Return to Game”… but all the tutorials I’m finding only teach you how to go to a specific scene using the *goto_scene or *redirect_scene. I want them to go back to where they left off and it’s making me input a specific scene to get out of the error. I’ve also tried *finish, but that doesn’t work, either.

How do I make sure it goes to the correct scene? Because people will want to check their stats at different times.

Normally there is just a button at the top that allows you to return to the story (once in the stats screen). Are you looking for them to have an additional option to return to the story?

Do you have your stat screen and story on the same scene? If so that is what is most likely causing the problem.